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- FoSAP has joined the partnership by signing up to the Green Capital Partnership Pledge

Jan 2014 news.  The number of votes for Chair and Vice Chair of the Partnership are as follows:


Alastair Sawday: 21

Guy Poultney: 28

Philippa Bayley and Liz Zeidler: 36

Vice Chair:

Open Votes: 1

David Owen: 5

Fraser Bridgeford: 19

David Hunter: 28

Nina Skubala: 30


Below is a message from the new joint chairs which is aimed as much at groups who might consider joining the partnership as it is at existing members.


Dear Green Capital supporters,


Philippa, Liz and Nina are delighted to be the new Chair and Vice Chair of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership. This is just the beginning of showing that fresh ideas and collaborative working are welcome in the Partnership.


We are at this exciting point in Bristol’s green journey because of the hard work of all of the Partnership’s members. We would like to extend our thanks to all of the people who have brought us to this point, and look forward to their continued involvement in a new, revitalised Partnership. We particularly would like to thank Martin Bigg as the Outgoing Chair and the members of the Steering Group for their work over the past year.


Bristol needs to become “A low carbon city with a high quality of life for all”. Our vision of success for 2015 is that everyone can make a meaningful contribution to transforming the city. The Partnership’s role is to hold that audacious vision – touching everything from the city’s green spaces to renewable energy generation - and help make the vision a reality through ambitious yet achievable steps.


The Green Capital Partnership is open to everyone, and diverse contributions are needed to make sure Bristol looks radically different after the award than it does now. We want to harness all of the energy that is apparent across the city, and channel it towards the 2020 vision that won us the award, using 2014 and 2015 as our springboard.


Only by working together will we make the Partnership, inclusive, collaborative and effective. In the next six weeks we aim to have agreed a new organisational structure – with action groups working on different priority areas of change in the ‘greening’of our city. The crucial upcoming meeting on the 27th January (2-5 pm at @Bristol) will be the first opportunity to put this into action, as we gather to set the compass for the year ahead. We will be setting up a range of key action groups to drive the change across the city. Everyone is invited to come to the event and add their energy and insights.


We look forward to getting your input to support the partnership being the dynamic, inspiring and achieving organisation we all want to see.


There are three ways you can help right now:


- Register for the meeting [ ] on 27 January (2-5 at @Bristol) to help set up the action groups that will be the engines of the Partnership’s activity.


- Forward this email to colleagues and friends to find out more by signing up to the mailing list on the Green Capital website scroll down to ‘stay up to date’ on right hand side].


- FoSAP has joined the partnership by signing up to the Green Capital Partnership Pledge


Liz and Philippa have chosen to share the role of Chair, and the role will be clearly divided between them without creating additional work for others. Liz will lead on the engagement of the wider Partnership, whereas Philippa will represent the Partnership on the European Green Capital 2015 Company Board. Both will chair meetings of the Partnership Board and the Quarterly Partnership meetings. Both will be open to questions and concerns from all Partnership members. We look forward to hearing from you!


Contact details

Philippa –

Liz -

Nina -


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Comment by Fo SAP on February 15, 2014 at 15:42

Update. At last week’s Green Capital Partnership meeting, we invited you to help us form the new working groups that will consider and advocate the different sector activities for 2015.

With some fantastic facilitation from new co-chair of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership Liz Zeidler, over 200 attendees discussed the range of topics that need to be represented in 2015 and beyond - from food, energy and resources to communications, new economy and resilience.

The full list of groups will be circulated soon with contact details for those who are leading the groups. If you would like to be a part of one (or more!) of them, you will then be able to get in contact with the leading organisation. Contact details in main Blog.


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