BCC has decided to apply for a Green Flag Award for St Andrews Park.

You can read more about Green Flag here

Some members of the FoSAP committee have already been in consultation with BCC personnel. If you want to be actively involved, let us know.

Progress will be reported to the next FoSAP committee meeting, 19.1.11, and on this Blog.

Jo, John, Simon, Martin, Des.

Other Bristol parks who have been awarded Green Flags are:

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Comment by Fo SAP on January 7, 2011 at 18:31

Hello folks,

           As you may remember, FoSAP had been invited to meet with Parks Dept people attheir offices in Colston 33 this morning, following cancellation of theoriginal date of 20.12.10.  This was intended as a consultation exerciseprior to submission of the Green Flag Management Plan at the end of this month.  Martin Weitz and John Mayne attended (apologies from Jo C. and Simon R.)and came away with a favourable impression.  Parks people present were RobThurston (second tier manager under Tracey Morgan), Peter Clark (Central &South Bristol Parks Manager), Miles Harris (Community Park Manager), TeijaAhjokoski (Horticulture Manager), Adrian Pannett (Admin), Vicki Abel (ProjectDevelopment Officer) & Paul James (English Landscapes).

           Vicki Abel reported that she is close to completing the Management Plan, which currently runs to 52 pages.  This will be available soon.  


There will be an inspection by the Green Flag judgessometime in May after which they will publish their judgement sometime inJuly.  Other parks in Bristol which have already attained (and maintain)the GF status are: the Netham, Queen’s Square, Troopers Hill, AshtonCourt, Blaise Estate, St Paul’s and the Downs.  St Andrews will bethe only park submitted by BCC this year, which should allow greaterfocus.  The principle is that parks officers will, in concert with otherBCC officers, identify actions that can be taken to improve aspects of the park,in line with the GF criteria, before May.  Other longer term‘aspirational improvements’ will be included in the Management Planto show that where there is a need for improvement, within a 5-year timescaleincluding follow-up actions. 

           The meeting gave Martin and John a chance to bring up long-standing issues and ask for them to be included in the list of actions.  The reaction seemed favourable.  For example, one of the criteria for judgement is thewelcoming aspect of the park, so we were able to discuss the lack of gates, aswell of course the issue of barriers.  We have identified three pairs ofgates, including the bigger ones at the entrance by the depot, and a price iscurrently being sought for their refurbishment.  Among other things, wewere also able to ask for consideration to be given to more flexible opening& closing dates for the paddling pool, the possibility of solar poweredlighting, permanent No-Dog signs in the dog-free area and improved recyclingfacilities. 

           As the old saying has it, the proof will be in the pudding, so let’s hopethat we see some changes in the near future!

 With best wishes for the New Year,

 John Mayne FoSAP Chair

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