Improving safety at park entrances

Some two years ago, concern was raised by the Friends of St Andrews Park about the danger to children using bicycles, toboggans, skateboards and scooters at the two park entrances on Effingham Road.  Since then we have been in discussions with Bristol City Council about the feasibility of putting up some kind of gates at the main entrance and for the erection of a chicane at the Leopold Road entrance.  In both cases the idea would be to prevent children going down the slope too fast and overshooting into Effingham Road.  Discussions were difficult to begin with, particularly with regard to finance and design. 

Recently however things have improved and finance has become available through what is known as S106 development money for the new flats on Pigsty Hill and the council's recently created Capital Stimulus fund of £3.5m for parks. We have also had a  design  proposal from the Parks Dept to put in a "Bow-top" fence along the edges of the tarmac area near the council depot, with a pair of self-closing gates on the two pathways leading away from it.  One gate in each pair would be locked, for use only by approved vehicles.  This proposal can be seen in the attachment which we have received from the Parks Dept.  We also understand that there is sufficient funding for a chicane as mentioned above, at the Leopold Road entrance.

The latest proposal was accepted at the FoSAP committee meeting held on December 4th and we have written to the Parks Dept to say that we agreed with their design and were happy for it to go ahead.  We did say however that while we agreed to proceed with the bow-topped fence as shown in the proposed design, we considered the option that, in time, a hedge could be planted behind the metal fence.  This would soften the visual effect and allow the fence to be removed when the mature hedge is formed.

We understand that work on the fencing, gates and chicane must be started by 31.1.13 in order to secure funding.  We thought that it would be a useful exercise to publicise the proposals, now that the committee have agreed them.  If you have any queries, please let us know by email at:

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Comment by Simon Randolph on March 1, 2013 at 19:25

I noticed they seemed almost finished this afternoon. I intend to photograph the gates and railings tomorrow.

Comment by Fo SAP on March 1, 2013 at 16:38

The council have started - and maybe by now finished - the new safety fencing and gates at the Effingham Road entrance. Someone with a camera might like to post a photo.......

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