Leafy Murder Mystery Day! Free nature/science event!


Saturday 18th May at Stoke Park. It is 
a free event for local families and is all about exploring and detecting nature… 
There will be 'Leafy Murder Mystery' walks for collecting clues of plant murders to work out which plant diseases have ‘done it’. Then with the help of naturalist extraordinaire Steve England and a team of scientists, there will be microscopes to get up close to the culprit plant killers and report their crimes using apps and sites. 
Read more about the event here: 
https://www.facebook.com/events/494723750594451/ and
http://friendsofstandrewspark.ning.com/events/leafy-murder-mystery. Also, watch our promo video here: 

Claire Stoker

Outreach Internship Student
British Society for Plant Pathology
0117 331 7021 

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