Leopold Road statements at full council last Tuesday

I was at the full council last Tuesday and read the Leopold Road statements in Public Forum with interest. The chamber (both chambers in fact) were packed out with 'Rent-A-Protest' - there were anti-Fracking groups, anti-Nuclear, anti-Chris Windows, anti-bedroom tax, you name it, they were there.

It was a shame no one from Leopold Road was there to read out their statements, There was some concern in the main chamber from the public gallery, that people wanting to speak had maybe been shut out in the lobby by the security guards. But the Lord Mayor did tell them to go out and ask, and also into the other chamber, to see if any would-be speakers were waiting.

I was only there with a small issue of open local government: to make sure that the result of the Gloucester Road Business Improvement district vote, which finished on March 20th, would be published on the council's website. Both Electoral Services who ran the ballot, and the BID organiser George Grace, were very unclear on this point.

On Thursday evening I was rung up at home at 7pm by the council officer concerned to assure me that it would published by the council on Friday March 21st.

I hope that the Leopold Road residents receive a similarly quick response to their statements.

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