It was reported to FoSAP early in November that two teenagers were mugged recently in St. Andrews Park in separate incidents. One of them was beaten up quite badly and mugged and the other was held at knifepoint.  It is believed this was after dark and possibly drug related.

 FoSAP has been in contact with PC Andy Stamp of the Redland beat police who was very concerned about recent alleged assaults.  It seems that so far as the police are concerned, whilst the police have received 'second-hand' reports of a 'couple' of assaults involving knives, there has been no official reporting of the incidents to the police and so they have not been able to take the matter further.

So if anyone knows the individuals concerned then they should be encouraged to report the incidents to the police. Which might not be easy, as Andy thinks that perhaps some drug dealing might have been involved.  But the police apparently have their suspicions on who the perpetrators might be...  It seems the police have increased surveillance in the park, both in uniform and civvies, and would be happy if members of FOSAP (particularly the dog walkers) also kept a look out for any suspicious activity involving youths.   Please don't take matters into your own hands but report anything that you think may be connected or of interest to the police.  PC Stamp’s phone number is 07889 657 684.  Leane Wood, the Police Community Support Officer’s number is 07889 658 288.  The general number for police contact (other than 999), is 101.  If anyone does report anything to the police it would be useful for FoSAP to also be informed ( & so we can keep the public informed via our web site and / or Facebook.


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