I have now completed the painting of the legs in Black & the varnishing, 2 coats of Mahogany Dacrylate Varnish

to all 33 benches in the Park!! The Council provided all the materials, Paint, Varnish, surgical gloves, brushes &

sandpaper. Sarah Mc Murchie is going to do the last one with her Grandchildren this weekend as she wanted to

"adopt a Bench". It's been a hard slog but it was done with "Friends of St Andrews Park" in mind & probably

would not have been attempted had Judith & John Carpenter not had the idea of "Adopt a Bench" in the first place

I also spent 67 hours painting the Kiddies Playground Fence........British Racing Green.....all materials

were provided by the Council.

So now that the Park has been rid of Graffiti & painted up & varnished I hope you All like the end result

All the Best,

Doug Reid

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