What is a Neighbourhood Partnership? Read about it  here

Responding to the calls from the government for people to have more say in local decision making, Bristol City Council has introduced new forms of Neighbourhood Governance across the city. The new structures are called Neighbourhood Partnerships.

Neighbourhood Partnerships bring together local councillors, statutory agencies (like the local police, health services and schools), and local voluntary and community groups, with local residents. Each Neighbourhood Partnership covers the areas of 2 or 3 Council wards.

Read the current brief  here .

St Andrews Park is in the Redland ward, so we are in the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland (BCR) NP.

Ashley Ward is in a different NP forum, so even if you live close to the park you will find you belong to one of several possible groups.  See the NP Bristol Ward Map  here

Forum meetings are open to all so feel free to go along.

The NP website shows dates for the meetings here

The latest minutes of the BCR NP full meeting are in the green box on the same NP website  here

If you live in the Bishopston Ward NP area you can read an excellent account of their activities on The Bishopston Society website here
For further information, contact Jo Holmes
Community Engagement Team, Bristol City Council,
6 York Court, Wilder Street, St Paul's
Bristol BS2 8QH
0117 90 368 98 / 07795 44

Jo Corke liaison for www.friendsofstandrewspark.com

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Comment by Fo SAP on May 14, 2012 at 11:34

TBS has information on the results of the Minor Traffic Schemes 2012/13 here

Public Forums in Redland or Bishopston wards in March looked at the “short list “of proposals for Minor Traffic Schemes for 2012/13. With only £25K to spend, most of the proposals could not be funded. Taking into account views expressed at the Forums and in the Councillors’ “post-boxes”, weighing up safety priorities, and through complicated financial contortions, a final list was “squeezed out” which provided the maximum amount of work possible within the given budget:

Comment by Fo SAP on May 25, 2011 at 12:25

Redland NP meeting 18th May 2011

At the meeting we were asked to repond to an application for the Attachment of lamp-post flags displaying various adverts. Various Locations On Gloucester Road Bishopston Bristol.  You can oppose or support the application on line.   In order to comment on planning applications you have to register  here 

After registering, return to the planning page,  here 

Select Search for planning information,  select the Simple Search option and type in this number: 11/01443/A

There are similar applications for other main roads in Bristol. the list is here

Comment by Fo SAP on May 11, 2010 at 18:40
As you may already know there have been some changes to the way Neighbourhood Partnerships work and how local people can get involved. There are now two types of meetings that you may wish to attend. These are Neighbourhood Partnership / Committee meetings and Neighbourhood Forum meetings. A good summary has been provided here.
BCR NP Meeting Info May 2010.doc

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