The twelve nestboxes donated to the park by the good people of St Andrews are now up! Despite the rain, several families turned up to watch as their nestboxes were expertly installed by Keith and Linda Hall. The huge Tawny Owl box is an impressive sight and will hopefully be occupied in the future. Next time you are in the park, see if you can count all the nestboxes!

My thanks to Keith and Linda and to the generous park users who have donated a nestbox - here's hoping for a bumper bird nesting season in the spring!

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Comment by Des Bowring on November 11, 2008 at 18:47
Sadly squirrels are not normally on the tawny owl menu! As they eat small birds, worms and beetles as well as mice and voles (and the odd rat) there is a chance that they would have enough food to sustain them. The problem is the lack of really large gardens surrounding the park which could have provided additional foraging habitat - we shall see what happens!
Comment by Simon Randolph on November 11, 2008 at 15:56
Congratulations on this initiative, Des. I love the idea of the possibility of attracting a breeding pair of Tawny owls to the park. But how large would their territory need to be to sustain them and their family, if they did settle in the nest box? The park itself wouldn't be able to provide very much in the way of food would it? Do they take squirrels?!

Simon Randolph

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