Park Toilets closed for investigations

Information about the park toilets from Miles Harris, who is the Bristol City Council officer responsible for parks maintenance in our area. 

Although the refurbishment work is now completed, there is a serious problem with the waste pipe blocking up.  Efforts have apparently been made to clear the blockage with brushes but to no avail.  A CCTV camera was inserted but did not show up any blockage.  It has been known for some months (years?) that there was a blockage, because Mike the park-keeper regularly had to cope with overflows but it was hoped that the refurbishment might have cleared the problem.  So for the moment all three toilets are being kept locked until the problem can be resolved.  The course of the waste pipe is not known.   Miles said he understood that a contractor will be reporting back shortly after further investigations.

All this sounds highly unsatisfactory, particularly since money is so tight the moment.  I suggested to Miles that it would be helpful if notices could be posted at the toilet block to make the public aware of the problem.  He promised to get back to me when further information is available.



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Comment by Fo SAP on March 20, 2012 at 14:30
Fi Hance in her Redland newsletter, 16.3.12, says:
"You may also have noticed that the loos have been refurbished. Unfortunately shortly after their reopening the gents urinals were blocked so have been closed until repairs to the drains (scheduled for this week) are completed."

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