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I know this is slightly off topic but I'm asking Friends Of St Andrews Park to help out in a small way towards the planned rebuild of the Scout Hut on St Bartholomews Road. A committee has been set up to oversee the planning, funding and building of a new log style hut to be used by Scouts, Guides and the local community.

We've made it through to the final 12 in a competition being run by the Evening Post which is offering a first prize of £7000. They are printing coupons in the paper from October 13th to November 2nd and the winner will be the group that collects the most coupons.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. All coupons collected can be passed to Mike at the scout hut on November 3rd or posted into the green postbox at the hut.

This hut and it's green space is an important part of our local community. It is well used and well loved. I do hope you can help by collecting as many of these coupons as possible. These funds would constitute an important filip to the campaign and kickstart the upcoming fundraising drive.

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