Survey of the Priorities for the Park. Results.

This is taken from the minutes of the recent open meeting 7.12.11

Park Priorities Survey.

John Mayne  & Steve Perry summarised the history of the Park Priorities Survey and circulated copies of the results.   John, Steve and Jo did separate analysis of the data; all three agreed the order of priority.

At the NP meeting 4 local parks, Horfield, Redland Green, Cotham Gardens and FoSAP were represented. Horfield has had the least investment, and it was agreed that they should get priority for the next major BCC Park monies, while other groups would opt for cheap  ‘quick win’ ideas. FoSAP has selected two, both of which scored highly in the survey, a basketball hoop and a drinking fountain.

 Park lighting, which is an expensive project, will remain on our general agenda (an item for the Jan mtg) and be addressed in the Heritage group. Replacing Play equipment, the highest scoring item will be retained on the general agenda.

The analysis is here

photo by Paul B

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