Surveys from residents living on roads surrounding St Andrews Park. April 2012

We received this from Avon and Somerset Police.

Surveys from residents living on Melita Road, Effingham Road, Leopold Road, Maurice Road and Sommerville Road surrounding St Andrews Park.  April 2012


Approx 120 properties visited, those who weren’t home had a survey through the door to complete in their own time. 41 Surveys completed.

 7 people had no issues they wanted to report at all

3 people reported issues that were not related to the park

31 people raised issues related to the park

The majority of the residents who raised concerns live at the lower end of Effingham road, Leopold Road and Maurice road. However 10 of the people returned their surveys in the post did not complete the section with address details.

 Residents are also more likely to take the time to complete and return the survey in the post if they have issues they want to report.

 Below are the types of issues raised and the number of people who mentioned them on their survey.


Noise from amplified music: 21

Rubbish/Litter in the Park: 20

Drug Use: 16

Urinating/defecating in the bushes or peoples front gardens: 12

Drunk People/excessive use of alcohol: 9

Large Groups: 6

Noise from drums/bongos: 4

Problems parking when park busy: 3

Graffiti: 3

Damage to cars: 2

Dogs not on leads: 1

People running across the top of cars: 1

Dog Fouling: 1

Young Mums leaving dirty nappies in the park: 1

 Residents were asked if they agreed or disagreed that the Police and Council are successfully dealing with issues in the area. They were asked to give a score of 1-5 with 5 being strongly agree and 1 being disagree. Responses were:


One: 6

Two: 6

Three: 10

Four: 11

Five: 1

Don’t Know: 7


Comments on the surveys included:

‘Don’t like the idea of civilian vigilantes’

‘Our area is perfectly safe and more people in the park makes it safer’

‘Police have more important things to do and the Police Force doesn’t get enough funding’

‘Park can get noisy, but it is there to be used’

‘Police have been much better at responding to issues in the park’

‘Operational methods are a matter for you to decide with the resources you have’

‘Keep a sense of proportion as having fun is not a crime.’

‘The park can be noisy but its not a problem, part of living next to a park

only a problem when the weather is good.’

‘Although aggrieved by noise accepts it is a park and meant for park use.’

‘Litter left behind can be terrible, although clean up the next day is very well done’

‘Rubbish is an eye sore in the morning’

‘Uncomfortable allowing my children in the park’

‘My children feel scared to use the park, it doesn’t belong to the community any more’

‘Problem is over intensive use of the park on warm spring/summer evenings’

‘Thank you for asking my opinion. I am a fun loving 65 year old (young) who remembers what it was like to be a party loving teenager!’

‘The police say it’s the councils responsibility and the council say it’s the police’

‘Graffiti has improved’


Suggestions from residents for what could be done to improve the situation include:

No drinking zone, although some residents say they would not support this on their surveys

Feedback to residents about actions taken

Landscaping to make it less inviting for people to gather

Fact sheet for residents about the law

Visible patrols

Waste doctors for education

More joint meetings between the police and council

Make park users aware of how residents feel about the ‘squalor’

Amplifier ban

Peer ambassador

No music allowed

Crowds should be moved on

Keep toilets open more

Temporary toilets at busy times


More bins

Monitor Facebook and prevent mass gatherings

Reporting numbers in notice boards

Agreed time period e.g. over a bank holiday when the rubbish isn’t cleared so people can see how much is left

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