Thanks to members of FoSAP wildlife group

A big 'thank you' to Des and Simon for their kind offer to help a community group in the Cranbrook Road area. We are trying to protect the flora and fauna and the Cranbrook stream and its wildlife, from potential damage if the new owners of 'The New Church' and land put in a planning application. We are arranging for local experts to conduct a 'site brief'' which can inform any planning application.

"Protect Redland (and Bishopston) from Over-Developement" ("PROD" has only been in existence since January and already we have found plenty of issues on the site that will make over -development impossible. For example, the Cranbrook (which is culverted in the grounds of the church) is counted by the Environment Agency as a major river! That means it is very difficult for anyone to get permission to build within 8 metres of either bank.(Thats 24 feet!) and everyone who has it running through their land - including the owners of the site - has 'Riparian Rights' and obligations to look after it! There is also a manhole access to the culvert which has to be kept clear for access by officials. (Maggs & Allen did not tell prospective buyers of the existence of the Cranbrook stream.)

The Ash trees in the grounds have a TPO that was put on them in 1967 under good old delegated powers, and there are various species that residents have seen such as Bats and slow worms which are protected. The local residents are keen to work constructively with the new owners and hope to retain some community use of this unique site.

We have also applied for the building and land to be put on the councils list of 'Assets of Community Value' and are hopeful that they will agree soon.

We have interested organisations such as the Civic Society and the Victorian Society, who will help in the event of any planning application being put in.

So many thanks to FoSAP members who are interested in this and have offered to help.

Stella Perrett

(temporary) Chair of 'PROD'





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