Traffic Calming Measure Effingham Road June 2015.

We were asked about Traffic Calming Measures in Effingham Road.   Below is the FoSAP committee response to Cllr. Rob Telford.  Here is the map.

Dear Rob:

I have now consulted our committee about the proposed traffic calming measures at the junction of Effingham Road and Grenville Road and I have outlined our response below :-

Firstly, we were not generally aware that this proposal is live but we very much welcome the opportunity to be consulted.

We broadly support the proposal as this is a potentially dangerous junction where there are many pedestrians crossing and the traffic is sometimes fast moving despite the 20 mph limit. Our detailed comments about the proposal, as shown on the plan you forwarded, are as follows :-

1. We believe that the two section of Effingham Road that will remain between the build outs/pinch points could be resurfaced with a textured material to help discourage pedestrians from crossing in the middle of the road junction as often happens now. This might also help to slow the traffic on Effingham Road. It would certainly be worth considering the creation of a raised platform to make it clear that pedestrians have priority. The benefits of these are detailed in the Sustrans Design Manual – see sections 4.12 – 4.17

2. We are not clear about the benefit of resurfacing the entrance to the park between the two sandstone pillars. It states on the plan:- ‘Raise to enable flow and addition of extra flagstones to park entrance’. We are not clear what this means but we are concerned that any raising of that area of the entrance might make it more difficult for the operator of 'The Tea Garden', Fay Aldridge, to enter and leave with her vehicle and trailer. We request that she is consulted before proposals are finalised.

3. It appears from the plan that the existing car club bay marking will be obstructed by the proposed build out. If this is the case, we suggest that the car club space is moved a few meters away from the build out to avoid reducing its dimensions.

4. We have not checked precise dimensions but are concerned that the build outs on the residential side of Effingham Road might conflict with the driveways of numbers 63 and 65 Effingham Road and suggest that this is checked and the residents consulted if they have not been already.

We hope that our points and suggestions are helpful and if you want to discuss these with us in more detail please do contact me or our Chair John Mayne.

All the best:


Secretary for FoSAP

0117 9245200  /  07849 952648

10 Maurice Road BS6 5BZ





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