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Hello folks,             

  Last week I had an invite from Chris Hammond to join him, plus Fay of the Tea Garden and our new AEO, Mark Owen, by the main gate on Effingham road to discuss remedial work on the new fencing.  Chris told us that there had been a lack of communication that had lead to some of the problems that have arisen.  To overcome these, he is recommending the following actions:1.      The new gates will be replaced with chicanes which will serve the same purpose and which will allow Fay better access with her van and trailer.  The chicanes will have a lockable upright post which Fay will be able to lower before she drives through.  Fay was happy with this arrangement.  2.      Chris was much concerned about disabled access through the gates and told us that the chicanes will be DDA compliant.3.      The style of fencing used was not that recommended originally by Chris.  The existing fence work will be replaced with straked fencing, which will look more in keeping with the Victorian aspect of the park.  The straked fencing will follow the contour of the ground rather than being staggered as at present.  4.      The noticeboard will be moved forwards of the new fence on to the tarmac path in order to ensure better visibility.5.      All existing fencing will be re-used at another park.6.      Chris agreed that the damaged pillar should be removed whilst work on the fence is carried out.  It needs to be moved away from the other pillar in order to create a wider gap for skip lorries and so on, and will be replaced in a new position once the replacement fence is in place. I hope that this doesn’t take too long to carry out.

All the best,John


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Comment by admin on May 12, 2013 at 11:03

Thank you John.

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