I have come to this site because of the well reasoned and unhectoring signs, posted around the park, they are good clear and I hope will cretae the desired effect.... well done..

But I'm drawn to write ( however badly ) because the widening gap between the youth and those who may on the surface be past it, is getting dangerous. I want to raise a rallying call for communication between the generations, for too long this us and themness has been growing, I won't blithly say once we were there, but I will say they deserve it just as much as we.

I hate the litter, I appour the conspicuous drug use and I'm not to happy about the music. But I love seeing large groups of peeps getting along, Its joyous to see peeps enjoying the sun and lifes bounty so abundantly...isn't it?

hares my point, we should be out there mixing it with the youth, chatting as loudly and jojously as them, eating conspicously as them...but here's the rub clean up after ourselves and others if need be. Please lets lead by example, use positive example rather than kneejerk us and themisms...Busying ourselves as self oppossed litter collectors, bbq advice givers and standing in the balloon cues will deliver more valuble results. Embarrasment is a great motivator, being annoying is a great leveler.

If we love this park we should take it on ourselves to uphold the community we are, vibrant once or still young and open to the changes needed in life to get along with each other.

So obtuse brightly coloured litter pickers needed
Loud embarrasing barbeque advice givers needed
Conspicuous drug ( balloons ) cue, cuers wanted.

So what say you...surely I'm not a lone voice

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Comment by Des Bowring on May 2, 2009 at 18:04
If people do it in the hedge it might surprise a hedgehog or two.
Comment by Simon Randolph on April 30, 2009 at 15:50
I was cycling back from my allotment, past the park along Maurice Road about 7pm two evenings ago and saw a young person (late teens/twenties) urinating quite openly against the low wall on the park side. Being a coward and an 'oldie' I didn't actually stop and confront him but slowed down and shouted to him words to the effect that there was a toilet available in the park (although I suppose it might have been locked) and that urinating so overtly in public was not acceptable behaviour! I know we can all be 'caught out' in this way in public places but this use of the park as a public toilet is apparently becoming quite common now. Perhaps I'm just becoming a grumpy old man. And I suppose it was not as bad as peeing in the street. But I don't see how it is possible to stop this sort of behaviour. Perhaps we should just have notices, directing those forced by bursting bladders, to perform their micturition in the hedge rather than on the wall, where the nitrogenous waste would at least benefit the growth of the hedge plants!
Comment by John Mayne on April 27, 2009 at 15:21
No, you're not a lone voice, Andrew! Very nearly though, but I suspect that many active members of the Friends don't read the blogs much. Yes your message is spot on! I too enjoy seeing the park being used by young people and, even if I didn't, there isn't much that anyone could do to stop it. Since the involvement of the police and Parks Manger at the AGM, there does seem to have been a real improvement. Also someone posted pictures of the morning after sometime around the end of March and perhaps that had an effect too. But you're right about involvement by us oldies and communication between age groups. When we have our next FoStAP group meeting on May 12th, I'll bring up your blog under AOB and get other people to look at it.

John Mayne

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