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At 8:36 on July 9, 2013, Regina Calway said…

Dear JOHN and all at  Fosap,

Whilst I do not know everyones views on this subject I would like to report something I found extremely upsetting for several reasons: On Monday 8TH July around 6pm ish I was walking through the leopold rd /Effingham road when my lungs were assulted by a cloud of Canabis smoke  (I only know this as when I  encountered some before a collegue told me what itwas) this is becoming increasingly common in the Ashley down /st andrews area ( In fact on routes to Broadmead/ The Centre too) a definate hazard for any pedestrian.

The 20 -30 something male was good enough to move away when I started to choke on it. Why  am I CONCERNED YOU MIGHT ASK? Besides the fact that I am awaiting the 5 yr all clear from Breast Cancer in 2015. It has been scientifically proven to increase anyones but especially those more suseptible to it risk of getting  cancer by 500 times! Whoknows how many visitors to our park are  at risk from this stuff..I despite some modern trends do not wish such a dangerous substance smoked anywhere in our area especially our park where one comes to enjoy hopefully FRESH AIR.

Besides this real risk it is not the sort of thing to be encouraged and I feel FOSAP as could many other organizations  nowadays could and should set an example of sensible thoughtful  decent behaviour.

Is there anything  fosap can do about this such as ask for more police presence in our park or  a few notices or bylaws put up to say what is permissable exclude drug use!


Yours Sincerely

Regina Zdrojkowska

At 15:43 on April 7, 2013, Stefan Davies said…

My dad (Fred Davies) was a member of the St Andrews Park Bowling Club for many years.  I don't have any direct contact detail for the club, so I'd like to mention that we have his bowls set in a nice case and would like somebody to have them (I'll need to check with my mum whether she wants to give or to sell!).  Please mention this to anyone who might be interested.

At 12:30 on April 7, 2013, Wendy Hopkins said…

Thanks. I'll definitely think abou tthe wildlife group.




At 20:58 on February 26, 2013, Lisa Vincent said…
can anyone help me with information on a nursing home which was in Maurice road, my mum was born there but can't find anything apart from the address and the name Beatrice Deacon who seemed to be in charge in 1938
At 19:48 on March 31, 2012, Regina Calway said…

Thanks for letting me know how to become involved in the wildlife group and letting mre know about the metting on 17th April,

Sincerely Regina

At 20:31 on March 19, 2012, Regina Calway said…

Thanks for contacting me how do I get involved in the wildlife  group?


At 12:17 on October 24, 2011, Hilary Finch said…
The photos I put on the website are of Sefton Park Reception class Easter Egg race!  I didn't know how to get that on the site to say this!
At 17:09 on March 14, 2011, Zebedees Day Nursery said…

I would love to get involved in Park Arts 11 - anything I can do to help would be great. Do you need people to staff the children's tent? Help with any activities such as face painting etc? Is it possible to display some of the children's work in a 'nursery corner's somewhere? Not just Zebedees but other local nurseries who might want to get involved? I know my parents would love to see the children being involved in something so wonderful!



At 21:06 on January 4, 2011, Vincent Smith said…

Thanks for the warm welcome Jo.


I had been interested in 2 things I am sure have been thought of before but I can't seem to find them (it doesn't mean they aren't there I realise!).


1. I'd wondered if an open air cinema in Summer in the park could be a great annual summer evening activity?


2. I'd wondered if there had ever been a music event had ever been held in the park? 


3. I'd wondered if anyone had considered permanent BBQ's set up (like in many Australian parks) so the summer random burning was sort of supported but sort of controlled too so it's impact was minimised?


4. A bigger thing - I'd wondered if the park could be a focal point for an annual Gloucester Road Food festival (I know it's not on the road too..). the area now has many Gastro outlets...


Just wonderings...



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