I missed the meeting on sept 4th....so not sure what occurred...however...here is what I was thinking...

Really apart from 'the unfortunate incident with the toilet block' this summer has been relatively peaceful in the park (even tho martin might have something to say abt the unfortunate incident with the dog!). And yet, at the moment, the litter on a day to day basis is getting worse. There are also great swathes of rotting litter under the bushes surrounding the works yard and the bowling green.
I think that this has something to do with the parkkeeping and 'ownership' of the park by them. heather was here for quite a long time and took quite a lot if pride in the park...she was also followed by a man whose name i didn't catch, but seemed to be farily consistently working here. It is now quite rare to for me to meet park workers walking the (non-barking!!) dog in the morning, which means that the litter doesn't get cleared quickly any longer and is left to blow about the park.
It also has something to do with overflowing bins and people just leaving thier litter where they sit, rather than using bins...
There seem to be lots of unsubstantiated theories about how best to tackle this litter.....More park workers?? More Bins?? Signs/no signs?? Vigilantes??
Nuclear deterrents?? etc etc...I wondered if it was worth conducting a survey...??? We are bound to get a sunny weekend before the cold sets in (PLEASE??) So why don't some of us get out in the park, looking and acting charming...and ask people questions about why they like it, whether they would like different BBQ arrangements, and if so what, and how they think we ought best to tackle the litter problems. One of the reasons I think we need to do a survey of the users is that the people on this website all live round here so we are not the people having picnics and BBQs on the whole. I think their suggestions might be more useful than ours...whaddya reckon folks??
Ps: i design surveys for a living, so i'm happy to create a simple one to use...
PPS: we could also conduct a survey of the people in the surrounding houses...,

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I fully support the idea of a survey.
If required I can set up an online survey for the users of this web site, but speaking to people face to face is probably more valuable as you said.
I agree Jane
we have taken the views of the people in the Friends and come up with suggestions to remedy the problems identified.these will be put to the group for consideration on the 9th.

but it would be interesting to know what the other users feel.any thing that gives us a clear idea on how to improve the situation would be welcome
a survey of park users would great.

so far as users in surrounding houses are concerned- we did leaflet all houses around the park and one road back, so to tht extent (and if we continue a dialogue in Points North)- local people have a forum to express their views.


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