Sarah McMurchie, Nick Moss, Martin Weitz, Jon Gulson


Lynn Madden, Kate Kiwara


SM went through responses received from the group including their concerns and suggestions for improvement. Discussion by those present on what were the priorities and what action was required. Agreed the following:


(1) Recycling - [discussed who is presently responsible for collecting recycling material from Park. Identified 3 bodies, Sita, ECT and council.]
• Agreed there was a need for better communication between them to ensure regular and effective collection of recycled material.
• Recycling bins required at each exit.
• CL Depot to be recycling centre. Material could then be collected from the depot by relevant agencies as part of neighbourhood collection scheme. All it needs is a change of attitude and a change of contract?
• Taking a positive approach to park recycling would be good publicity for council.

• Plastic material is a problem. Needs to be included in scheme.
• Is there any money available for local recycling schemes that we can tap into? What about government initiatives?

(2) Litter
• Insufficient and uneven distribution of litter bins throughout the park. We need more bins in areas where most people sit e.g. grassy area bordered by Leopold Road and Maurice Road
• Need support from community police to remind people to take their litter home. Must be on a regular basis to get the message across. Police presence needed at different times of day.
• Notices required which will encourage good practice and encourage park users to work together for benefit of all. Must be positive, not negative approach.

(3) Education vital to improve situation. See ideas in ACTION below.


• Write to CH and say we are very happy with CL and their work in the park. We are sorry to hear that Don has been moved on- he has given good service to the park and is well liked by the people who know him.
• Plan where recycling and litter bins might best be placed. Present to CH for action.
• Research funding for recycling schemes
• Website the place for people to come up with ideas for notices- perhaps a competition

• Letters to local school schools to get them involved in anti-litter education, social responsibility angle
• Make park more interesting/attractive to children. Encourage them to study it/study local history/plants- lots of possibilities.

Ran out of time. Agreed plenty to be getting on with and in any event have identified priorities which was the purpose of the meeting.

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just to clarify- the discussion above was purely that and I hope to get some feed back at the meeting .
To date there have been 2 opportunities for people to express their concerns, views and possible solutions, so I hope that we will progress to an action plan tonight. Sarah McMurchie

I live on Melita road near the public loos and am starting to notice people using the outside of the loos rather than the inside, if you see what I mean! This is unpleasant. Given the graffiti problems there and previous attempts to break into the loos at night, do you think that we could ask the council to put up notices about antisocial behaviour?

Given you are tackling this as a general issue, I thought I'd contribute. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Charlie I think the only thing we can do is strenghthen our local 'voice' either individually or collectively through this website and the Friends group.
and make sure the Council (ie Chris Hammond), our local Councillor (Jon Rogers)
and local MP (Stephen Williams) are aware of what is happening.
So you could start by contacting them...

There seems to be resistance to tackle the problems and there seems to be a feeling that there is little that can be done. But there are legal options which we need to explore and then persuade use of...

What number are you on Leopold Road? do we know each other?
Simon why not contact Chris Hammond and make your concerns known.
he is talking about reducing the hours that the loo is open
he needs to know what is happening...
sarah McMurchie
Has the scorching of grass by portable BBQs become a non issue? Sorry if this is not the right location for this query -- I am rubbish at internet forums! I have seen 2 poss solutions to this problem -- one is a BBQ installation at the Dean Heritage Centre -- very sturdy and I think virtually vandal-proof. The other is at the Visitors Centre in the Brecon Beacons. They have picnic tables with cast iron grids bolted to them -- portable BBQ size, that sit on legs which give them app 3 inches clearance from the table top.

Hi Mary and thanks for your email.

in fact you are right that the BBQ issue has gone off the agenda.

we persuaded the local supermarkets to start selling BBQs with legs- thus cutting down the damage to the grass- which in any event self 'healed' over winter.

I seem to remember that you were to come back with further proposals?

but I maybe wrong?

best wishes Sarah


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