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Hi Sarah,

Many thanks for this - very informative. Seems like there is no real strategy in place for recycling/litter clearance at the park. Guess, that's where WE come in - we come up with our own well thought out solutions and then present them to the council.
Thanks Sarah and Simon

An interesting report, including the fact that "all bins recently removed from Downs. Same amount of litter being collected, but savings on bin collections."

If the bins were removed from St Andrews Park, would the people who actually use the bins simply take their rubbish home and recycle it, while "the presence or absence of bins" will make no difference to those who tend to litter? The Downs experience suggests that this may be the case. What do people think about this?

I think that some people will always take their own litter home. Some will take it home if they can't find a bin - recycling or otherwise and some (the problem ones) will always leave their litter on the ground as they are in the lazy belief that someone else (paid worker or public spirited park user) will clear it up behind them.
Removing teh bins will only lead to the lame excuse "there are no bins for us to use". I say we keep the bins and maybe even increase the number and distribution as not everyone enters/leaves via the top entrance. There should be some placed at the bottom entrance nearest Somerfield and a set at the top right entrance near teh zebra crossing/church.
Just received minutes amended by chris hammond for your information- wish I could remember how I got the 'old' minutes on the website in the first place!

thanks all below for thoughtful observations.I dont think CH was actually saying we should get rid of our bins,
come to think of it am not sure what he was saying exactly! Just making a point I guess.

Can you come up with specific points eg more bins and where to place them etc etc for discussion.
perhaps a little map?
then we can ask CH to implement and see what happens. Sarah
hello again thought it might be useful to summarise views expressed by group (if I have missed sometrhing YOU said, please forgive me and just add).
Views covered;
extent of drug use
drug dealing
dangerous parking around entrances
drunken behaviour of people in park-intimidating
people sleeping in park o/n
traveller vans around park
vandalism of benches,trees etc
people peeing against trees instead of toilet
broken glass
lack of sufficient recycling

Solutions proposed
persuade park dept to implement Environmental Protection Act 1990 to issue summons for litter and/or fixed penalty fines
notices re litter/ toilets
designated bbq area
more litter bins/resite existing?
new toilets
more recycling facilites at each exit
litter clearance day
gardening day
education- approach local schools

Ideally we need to meet and decide on priorites- but no time before meeting.
SO could you all think about what your priority would be, look at the solutions or come up with new solutions
so that we can begin to try to improve the situation.

or propose a date for a meeting best wishes Sarah McMurchie

Best wishes
Getting rid of the bins would be a retrograde step..............It would deprive the considerate user of St Andrews Park of somewhere to put his/her rubbish............Keep the Bins!!
Hello everyone
am assuming people are away on holiday opr thinking of going on holiday , so now doesnt seem like the ideal time to meet and discuss strategy for antisocial behaviour/litter group.
But wondered if those who are interested might think about a meeting early sept?
It would be good to have some specific proposals to bring to the meeting in October.

Any prefered days or dates? Sarah
hello just to let you know that a few people are getting together to night at 8pm to discuss litter etc.
ring on 07890219085 if you want more info. Sarah


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