NAME: Friends of St Andrews Park ("the Friends")


To protect, maintain and develop St Andrews Park for the benefit of the local community by:-

* Developing and improving the environment of the Park (including the play area )
* Protecting and extending the nature conservation value of the Park
* Promoting and supporting community events in the Park
* Liaising and communicating with Bristol City Council about Park issues


* Membership is open to everyone. It is acknowledged that the existing membership may not reflect the views of everyone who uses the Park. The members will therefore try to:
* Ensure that it consults widely and informs Park users and Park neighbours about the activities of the members, through articles in local publications and by the use of leaflets and notices
* Contact and consult other local groups, particularly those under-represented by the Park members
* Include a variety of activities and projects which are likely to appeal to a wide cross section of interests within the local community


* the Friends consists of a committee (the committee) and a number of special interest groups, including graffiti, antisocial behaviour and litter, restoration, facilities, play areas, social activities, and wild life groups (these may change from time to time)

* The Committee is comprised of officers elected annually at a general meeting namely Richard Howell
(chair), Sarah McMurchie (sec), John Mayne (treasurer), Martin Weitz (publicity)and a representative of each special interest group who may attend committee meetings and communicate the views, plans and activities of the special interest groups

* The Committee may co-opt members to fulfil other functions as required

* All members of the committee present at meetings may vote and the quorum for the committee will consist of 3 officers and 2 others

* Decisions will be taken by a majority vote of the committee

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