1. Present:
Martyn Weitz, Richard Howell, Sarah McMurchie, John Mayne, Jenny Morris, David Cemlyn

2. Apologies:
Jo Corker. Paul Bullivant, Simon (SPD), Doug Reid

3. Last Minutes:
Discussion followed on how the General Meeting had gone.

a) That there were differing views (some of which depended on where one lived).
b) That St Andrews Park is under additional pressure from increased usage by students, local children, increase in local flat dwellers, lack of alternative green space for recreation and finally because it was a ‘cool’ place to be.
c) Need for survey of Park users (by Jane Speedy). DC to contact her and discuss.
d) Discussed traffic problems and possible solutions around Park

4. Convenors Reports:
a) Litter Group Report by SM
Discussed CH’s email of 7/2/08 (available on request).
SM to contact CH and
(i) Agree recycling units to be placed at Effingham Road entrance, near CL depot.
(ii) Agree Park tables near paddling pool
(iii) Ask if we can have temporary bins during summer period?
(iv) Ask why we need ‘dedicated skips’ for recycled material in depot- cannot recycling contractors collect from Effingham Road as they do from Somerville Road?
(v) Ask what volume of litter is collected weekly, monthly, annually?
(vi) Ask if there is a separate fund for recycling initiatives that we can tap into?

b) Graffiti Group Report sent in by DR and read by JM
(i)Generally optimistic report from DR. Some painting work to be completed in play ground when weather improves.
(ii) Graffiti on toilet block. CH to ask artist to re-enstate

c) Play Area Group Report.
No report. (SM to contact T O’M to see if he is still interested in being the Convenor for Play Area Group. Authority given to SM to publicise for someone else if he is not.)

d) Social Group Report (PB absent)
Discussion about Art in Park event to take place on 6th July 2008.
Planning meeting at 10 Maurice Road on 26th March 2008 at 7.30pm.
Anyone interested to attend. Much enthusiasm.

e) Wildlife Group Report by John Mayne
(i) Email from Matthew Bennett relating to forthcoming work/pruning of trees in Park with map. SM to ask CH about replacement for cut trees and whether any more could be planted. Is there a tree policy? Everyone very enthusiastic trees! Suggestion that trees be identified and ‘name tags’ attached.CH to be consulted. DC will start identification process.
(ii) Rose planting on 15th March 2008 was fun until it started to rain.
(iii) CH notified that new hedges have not been weeded and wires still need repairing.
(iv) Pond project progressing. Meeting next week with CH, JM and pond builders/maintainers. Quote for work awaited- sufficient funds available.
Discussed site, construction, vandalism and safety issues around pond.
(v) Bird boxes discussed – could we have more? Possibility of local involvement in this, schools etc.
(vi) Spring flowers greatly appreciated. Discussed autumn bulb planting event.

JM to consider other wildlife possibilities with his group.

f) Appearance/Restoration Group Report by Jenny Morris
Next group meeting on 31st March 2008 to consider developments so far and make proposals.
(i) Notice Boards discussed at length. How can we communicate with Park users and locals? Board on Effingham road is damaged and needs to be repaired. Also needs to be waterproof. Key to be given to MW
(ii) Signs discussed at length. Jenny M to take to her group for further discussion/suggestions.
Where will they be? What will they look like? What will they say? How many will there be? Do we need them?
(iii) Bench refurbishment to take place in Spring. Adopt a Bench.

5. Publicity Report by MW
MW recently met up with Venue to discuss an article on Park.
Discussion took place on what was the purpose of publicity.
(i) To inform local people and Park users of local and Park events.
(ii) To analyse local issues incl. planning/environmental/housing and impact on Park
(iii) To encourage local people to take more interest/control of their environment (this is part of new Govt initiative).
(iv)To draw attention to pressure on Park and need for other local green spaces to be developed.
(v) To provide local history information

6. Matters Arising (see above)

7. AOB (see above)

8. NEXT MEETING 19th May 2008 at 20 Leopold Road

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