Hello Chris,

With the establishment of the revitalised ‘Friends of St. Andrews Park’ group, I hope that we are now in a position to look forward to the refurbishment of the pond in the park. Jo Corke and myself are now the joint co-ordinators of the new Wildlife sub-group. As you may remember, Martin Deauville, as Co-ordinator at the Council’s Landscape Design Services, had helped to arrange for a plan (with costings) to be drawn up. I have attached copies of these documents. I also have a hard copy of a sketch design with cross-sections shown, prepared by Emma Money-Kyrle, which I could let you or Martin have if the original is not available.

There is up to £12k still available in the funds of the ‘old’ group which can be spent on this project and which is readily accessible. There are some minor changes, as yet unincorporated, to the plan that have been suggested since it was drawn up, but I’m sure that they can be incorporated within the funds available.

Our understanding is that in order to get things moving, a Service Level Agreement would have to be drawn up in order for Martin to schedule the project and get a project officer involved.

I very much hope that you will have the time (and patience!) to help us in our desire to see the pond restored as a valuable wildlife feature of the park.


John Mayne

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If we want to run a survey then we would need to identify the best way of surveying - maybe the council could provide guidance on this. If we want to have an online survey instead or as well as a face to face one in the park then online tools are available. I have used this one in the past http://freeonlinesurveys.com
Hello Chris,
Could you let us know please the contact details of the BCC Ecologist who you mention above, so that we could also be involved in the process.

John Mayne
Below is an email that I've sent to Chris Hammond in response to one from him earlier this week.

Hello Chris,
Good to hear from you again. The last communication that you and I had was late July on the FoStAP website, when you agreed to let us know about joining you in discussing the pond with the BCC Ecologist. Your reply seems to have been deleted. Has anything come of this yet?
I'm sorry that I was away at the time of the last meeting in St Barts hall and didn't get a chance to talk to you. I would have able to explain that the re-formed group has a Wildlife interest group for which Jo Corke and I are the co-ordinators: Jo's email address is Jo.Corke@blueyonder.co.uk - I hope that this answers your query about who is moving the project forward.
With regards to your mention of consultation, I'm a bit baffled by what this may involve. As you know, the group has been very well supported and I've had lots of support for the idea of refurbishing the pond. When raising money for the pond, there was a great deal of local support for the pond. Discussions with you go back to 2004. Since then you and I have met twice at the site and have exchanged many e-mails on the subject. It seems only now that there is a belated requirement for consultation. Can I suggest that the time for consultation would be when proposals are further advanced. Any proposals from yourself or BCC could then be put on the website with comments invited.
I have put a copy of this email on the FoStAP website, since this seems the most appropriate way for others to see it. I've also attached a copy of the formal request to this email. If you'd like the request in some other format or on hard copy, please let me know and we'd be happy to arrange it.

Best Wishes,

John Mayne

From: Chris Hammond [mailto:chris.hammond@bristol.gov.uk]
Sent: 20 August 2007 13:27
To: johnmayne@blueyonder.co.uk
Subject: Re: Refurbishment of the pond in St. Andrews park


I await the groups proposals on how their own consultation has progressed the plan for the pond, at the last group meeting I was slightly unsure who was moving this project forward or in fact is leading on behalf of the group.

The format of how landscape design would engage is now slightly different and the project would need to meet approval of BCC Parks Project Manager..

If approved the allocation of any service level agreement time would need to be discussed between you the group, landscape design, myself and the project team.

Before we move forward I would need the groups formal request to engage with us on the pond project, until then I cannot submit the project for any service level allocation with landscape design.

Thank you

Kindest Regards

Please support our environment and only print out this email and/or attachments if you have to. Thank you.

Chris Hammond
Senior Community Park Manager
North & Central Bristol Parks Operations Team
Department of Culture & Leisure
Bristol Parks
Colston 33
Colston Avenue
I emailed Chris Hammond on Sept 19th to ask him if he had yet contacted the BCC ecologist person that he suggested we all meet to discuss plans for the pond. I had the following reply:

'In short no
I regret I am on reduced working week due to a medical problem I am sorry to say at present the pond is not on any priority list I am currently working too We are procuring new city wide contracts and have the new Broadmead landscaping coming on line which is a big piece of work I will look at the issue of the pond when I have some time I can allocate to it I aprecate this may not be to the groups time scale but I regret that I can only do so much.'

This is disappointing news which will mean further delays. I'll talk to Cllr Jon Rogers to see what his thoughts are.

John M.
After a long period when very little has happened, we've at last got a meeting on December 4th in the Park with Chris Hammond. Also present will be Helen Hall, the Council Ecologist. While Chris had some earlier reservations about the refurbishment of the pond, we are hoping that Chris and Helen will be able to give us some positive direction on how to proceed . Jo and I met with Mary Wood of the Avon Wildlife Trust a month ago and she was helpful in her advice to us. We'll post an update again after the meeting on 4.12.07

Jo & John


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