1. SIGNS can we have nice friendly signs which advise people to put litter on bins provided and to be sensitive to other users of the park.
2. SIGNS 2: signs for where ball games can be played and not be played.
3. PLANT ROSE BEDS Plant more Flower Beds ( eg with roses) Opposite our house (4 Leopold Rd) there used to be a sign prohibiting ball games - but it was removed. The problem is that we have had broken windows repeatedly from ball games. The big fallen log provided a temporary solution until it became a magnet for drug taking. We would like suggest now the log has been removed that a rose bed is planted here to prevent ball games. This kind of solution could be used elsewhere in the park.
4. ENTRANCES Create more entrances to the park to avoid people jumping over and breaking the fencing, this could easily be done where there are already large trees on the perimeter of the park and a gap already exists.
5. DUCK POND - this needs to be created in the middle of the park and is not intended as an alternative to the badly-sited, now derelict pond. It will give great pleasure to many children and their parents & all.
6. TOILET BLOCK ART - this is an ugly and badly painted piece of official wall art, in my opinion. Consult with residents to choose something better to replace.
7. NOTICE BOARDS let's have some nice durable weather prooof boards to advertise this group etc.
8. LIGHTING - let's get some pleasant lighting so that people dont have panic attacks walking through the park late at night.
9. TREES - let's have some signs giving names of trees,as there are some very beautiful trees in the park, this will help create a sense of pride about what we have here.
10. HISTORY: let's have a board with the history of the park, how it was donated to the local people, and pictures of flora and fauna etc etc.
11. HEDGE: the new hedge on Leopold and Effingham could look awful in a year or two if it is not properly pruned and managed - look at how it is growing out of control by the wild life pond - here it looks a bit of a mess, it is very thick and not very attractive - Need to Consult with residents first before planting anything.

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6. I think the artwork on the toilet block is well-painted and eye-catching. That's an opinion, of course.

So, some people like it, some don't. I can live with that.

I would rather have no graffiti and therefore no need for the artwork, but it is much better than the graffiti so I'm in favour of keeping it.


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