This is aimed as Des Bowring really, and sorry it is not directly about the park,but any comments appreciated. We live not far from the Park on St Andrews Road. Our back garden backs onto the railway line, which is nice. We have set up a bird feeding station in a peach tree in the garden and for a couple of years it has been very pleasant to see it used regularly. Chaffinches, great tits, blue tits, robins, sparrows and from last year a pair of black caps. But something funny has happened this year. The female black cap (with russet head), or at least we think it is her, guards the feeders and chases off the other birds. She doesnt eat from them very much, but perches on a branch nearby and appears to attack other birds as they come to take the food, especially the feeder containing sunflower hearts. The sparrows seem to have worked out a technique where one goes for the food, the blackcap chases it off, but another sparrow gets to the food while the blackcap is away chasing the first bird. She usually see's them off as far as next garden.
We dont know what to do. We have placed another feeder nearby but she guards that one as well.
It is a shame because the other species, like great tits and gold finches dont visit us very much anymore.

Any suggestions?   

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Hi Sean - Blackcaps are indeed fearless protectors of their food supply and highly aggressive towards most other species. The only way you can tackle the problem is to put more feeders out further away, but that's no guarantee. Personally I love Blackcaps but if it's any consolation most wintering Blackcaps (which incidentally originate from Germany) will fly back at the end of March!


Any bird or other wildlife sightings are welcome here.





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