The new community notice board has been installed today in the cafe area, by the gate to the children's play area. Designed and created by local sculptor Julian Warren ( it features stainless steel sculptures of animals and plants found in the park. With a stunning blackbird on top there is also a frog, damselfly, bumble bee on a poppy flower, slug, snail, pine cone etc. The first notice attached with White Tac says: 

This new notice board is for EVERYONE to use.
Please feel free to put up your own notices.
We recommend you use Blue Tac or similar.
Non-commercial notices only. No business ads please!

Designer and sculptor: Julian Warren
Made possible by The Friends of St Andrews Park
Supported by funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund and Bristol City Council. 

The picture shows Michael Boyce and Nick Berry of Bristol Council's Landscapes Dept after installing the notice board. The lower picture shows the blackbird on the top of the board.

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It's not often you see the words 'stunning' and 'blackbird' in the same sentence.


Looking forward to seeing this noticeboard in the flesh - looks great!



Just seen the Community Noticeboard in the flesh.  A beautiful collection of metal wildlife sculptures do more than just 'decorate' it.  What a pity that some philistine vandal has felt it needed to be spray tagged on both sides. You really wonder what sort of minds these idiots have - if any!

Its a bit disheartening but maybe the best solution would be for FOSAP to stick loads of notices on the board - so that it no longer looks like a blanket invitation for a tagger. With hindsight, it would have been a good idea to put up several notices evenly distributed across the board on both sides so that there would have been no room for graffitti.  

Maybe my original notice which said no commercial or business notices was a bad idea - I could amend this to say: Small business ads are welcome - but if there is no space left  preference should  be given to non-commercial notices. What do you think? 

That sounds OK to me Martin - I think between us all we could 'police' the board and remove anything inappropriate if necessary (i.e. posters for club nights etc). I would welcome the usual sorts of notices like yoga classes, book sales, creches etc - and small businesses seem OK to me.

I agree with Martin and Des's comments. It also looks good from the photo. I will visit it tomorrow!


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