I regularly - say twice a month - see dogs in the dog-free area.  On most occasions, I speak to the dog owners and politely suggest that they must have missed seeing the 'No Dogs' signs.
Reactions range from contrite to aggressive - with the unpleasant and aggressive far outnumbering the reasonable ones.
Occasionally, I walk by without saying anything, when I just don't feel like being abused or even threatened.
How do others handle this - or am I the only one to get involved? 

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I guess I AM the only one to get involved!
Or is the dog-lobby so powerful that such topics can't even be discussed? ;o)
No you are not Bill
I do the same thing with the same responses.
but I think its worthwhile- but you do have to feel strong to 'tackle' aggressive dog owners.

dont let it get you down!
sarah McMurchie
Thanks, Sarah - I was beginning to feel the cold!

I once found a young couple exercising their dog in the paddling pool. After I pointed out - a litle more forcefully than I do when the dog is merely on the grass - that it shouldn't be there, they left the park and followed me for several hundred yards, abusing me, my ancestry and my appearance in loud voices.

I am often surprised - as in the last time I saw a dog in the park, two weeks ago - that even when there are many people nearby, no-one else seems to take any notice. I'm glad to find that there is a least one other! :o)
I think the problem with the website Bill, is that it isnt fully utilised.
I forget about it to be honest and was just interested in the cafe debate when I spotted your email.
must try and keep up! and I too am glad I am not alone in speaking up.
have never seen a dog in the paddling pool tho! what idiots.

Did you hear that there had been an attempt to get a discussion going around dog issues earlier this year?
However, the 'dog people' arrived in force to a FOSAP meeting and some were very aggressive and offensive to the person who had suggested that we should discuss the problems around 1)dog poo which was not being cleared up 2) dogs who were not in the control of the owner- jumping up, attacking, knocking over others 3) owners not sticking to dog only areas etc etc.

one suggestion up for discussion was that if dogs were kept on leads then the owner would know when the dog did a poo, and could control it. but to avoid a fiasco, the discussion never took place.....

however it has not gone away and will be discussed at a later date am sure.
hopefully in a more civilised and mutually respectful way.

best wishes Sarah
I had heard about the 'leads' proposal, but not the rest of the details.

I'm happy enough with dogs roaming free, but certainly not happy when they are over-ebullient or aggressive. My son was terrorised by one when he was about 6 - the dog was excited by seeing him on a toboggan, and went up to him and barked excitedly at him. When he tried to get away it kept circling him and barking, right in his face. I think the dog was safe enough, but my son wouldn't go to the park for weeks afterwards.
The dog owner just laughed.

I often see dog walkers so heavily engaged in conversation that they don't see their dog 50 yards away fouling the grass - or is the absent-mindedness deliberate?

I also see, in the dark, those people who let their dog loose in the park then stand waiting for it to return. I think I know what the dog is doing, out of sight.

I think a serious, focussed discussion is overdue - and I'll come along to it. To give the aggressive dog owners another target, I'll suggest that the dog-free area of the park should be extended - perhaps to twice its current size.
now there is an interesting thought Bill.

one of my sons and my grandson had similar bad dog experiences when they bwere little which took some time to settle. its the 'it wont hurt him' when the dog is bigger than the child that gets me. and the reality is that the dog is just out of control.

next meeting of FOSAP is at 7.30 on the 20/10/10 at Derby Road Bowling Club.
its my husbands birthday so am not sure if I can make it, but will try.

best wishes Sarah
This morning - not unusually - as I walked through the park, I saw a little group of dog owners chatting while their dogs ran around. One dog, 50 yards from its owner and out of sight round a bend, was fouling the grass: I would wager that was not cleaned up!
There is a dog warden employed by the council and you can report them by ringing the council- and they will come along and if they catch them they will be fined. maybe take a picture with your phone to gather evidence. As I found when I tried to introduce a dogs on leads only policy a few months ago it is a sad fact that some dog owners can be very aggressive and threatening against anyone who complains about their anti-social behaviour. Most however are very nice and friendly. We need to get the latter to support moves against anti-social dog owners
Thanks, Martin. By the time a warden arrived the malefactors would have long gone. The photo idea could work - I'll bear it in mind. A picture of a dog fouling the grass proves nothing, though - it's easy enough for the owner to say they cleaned up after the pic was taken.

What we need is a dispassionate, objective discussion on the whole problem: and as you say, and indeed as I have discovered, passions run high when this subject is discussed.
Hello-just to let you know that you are not alone in being concerned about irresponsible dog owners.
Many of the ASB survey forms that were returned, mentioned dog waste as an issue.
The ASB group is looking at this issue (and others) to see what we, as a group, can do to address local concerns. Varoius suggestions were received to help remedy the problem and I hope that the responsible dog owners will take note of the seriousness of the problem and come up with suggestions on how this problem can be tackled. it is presently in the hands of mark saville who is going to think about how best the subject can be addressed with the dog owners themselves.
any thoughts Bill on how this subject could be discussed 'dispassionately'? Sarah
Hi Sarah

I don't know how to take the heat out of this! While most dog owners are responsible and rational, there are - as in any group - a minority who are aggressive, irresponsible, unreasonable. Any discussion will still leave us with a rump who will simply do as they please.
My view is that the problem will only be solved by well-publicised fines. We might be able to reduce the problem by getting some people to pay more attention to their dogs, but no amount of discussion will reach those - for example - who come after dark and simply release their dogs into the park, and wait for them to return.
Ideally it will be the responsible owners who come up with suggestions that they see are workable and which achieve some results and some improvements? it will never be a totally solvable problem.

I have just watched a woman walking through the park talking on her mobile phone whilst her dog has done an unobserved poo! It is just SO annoying...
if the dog had been on a lead however then she would have known.
to me its blindingly obvious- but lets just take it step by step.

But it is a problem and so there must be something that can be done to improve matters
which could involve fines (same as litter really).

would you like to join the ASB group?
shall I put you on the group email list?
we have met a couple of times to prepare the survey, discuss the survey and next it will be to discuss what action, if any we might take as a group.



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