The recently launched Facebook group 'Keep St Andrews Park clean! PICK UP YOUR LITTER!' has already got 364 members, and has also managed to get coverage in today's Evening Post.

I somtimes worry that some FoSAP members lump all young people together as 'undesirables'.  Although the language is a little stronger than you might get at a FoSAP meeting, this group does show that there are many young people who are just as annoyed by litter and anti-social behaviour as us old fogeys are. 

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I would never lump all young people together. A horrible thought.
Hi Toby- how great that someone has done this!
am not on facebook myself, but will ask all those I know who are, to support it.

I have never thought we classified people as young or old
just 'litterers' or not!
BW Sarah


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