Three of the parks most beautiful trees will be felled by the council unless we do something to try and save them.

One of the trees is the outstandingly beautiful and prominent Prunus now in glorious flower at the corner of Leopold Rd and Effingham Rd. This tree greets park visitors at one of the main entrances to the park and its loss would be a huge tragedy for the park.  

Take a look at it this week and you will see what I mean. If the council tree dept has its way there will be just a big gap where the tree stands now. They say they will not replace it. 

The two other trees with notices to destroy them are again beautiful trees - flowering cherries. 

According to preliminary research I have undertaken there ARE ways to save these trees with the correct treatment.  Are they being felled by the council because that is the cheapest option?

What type of fungus is allegedly attacking these trees?  We need to know.  There is no information on the council notice, just an impersonal notice that they will be felled.   If you ring the council's tree dept there is only an answering machine. 

I met a regular senior park user this morning who pointed out that many trees survive for 20 years or more with fungus. They do not necessarily need to be felled as the council wishes to do.  

He pointed out the poor standard of care given to the tree over the years by the council's tree department, pointing to branches which were crossing over each other. It makes one wonder if  the council's tree department are failing to care properly for the trees in the park and only want to chop more of them down at the first sign of a problem. 

To make matters worse the council notice states they will not replace the felled tree - but it must not come to that. Let us save the trees instead. 

We must take action to try and prevent this council vandalism against some of the most treasured trees in the park. 

PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TO SAVE THESE WONDERFUL TREES BY JOINING THE DISCUSSION and PROTEST TO THE COUNCIL.  (see picture below for details of where to write or email or phone) 


WRITE TO YOUR LOCAL COUNCILLORS - JON ROGERS  and FI HANCE  and dont let the council destroy the most attractive features of our lovely park.  An example of poor tree maintainance by the council - where the branches are left to grow crossing over each other. Is the alleged fungus on this tree due to poor tree care?

 If the council's tree department is allowed to proceed - one of the most prominent and beautiful trees in the park seen here - at the entrance on Effingham and Leopold Rd - will be felled - and not replaced.  







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I have just had a very interesting conversation with a very frustrated Mr Russell Horsey (I hope that this the correct spelling and I apologise if not) who is the gentleman at BCC responsible for the trees and the work on them.

He has agreed to a stay of execution for 6 weeks to allow for discussion and will canvas views further at a meeting at the end of that period.

His frustration stems from the fact that he has had discussions with "the chair and the 2 ecologists" on FOSAP over the last 2 months on the expectation that the local community would be consulted. As he said they do this with friends groups all the time and have never had any problem before. He has told me that there has been no consultation hence his agreement to a stay. Certainly I was not aware of these proposals before today when Martin raised it with me.

I have to ask if elements of the committee knew of these proposals and were expected to share them and take soundings why was this not done?

FOSAP needs to be clear whether or not it is a group representing the local community and the park. Certainly from my discussion with Mr Horsey he was expecting them to be representing the community as I suspect would the local community.

From a personal point of view the tree at the bottom of Leopold Rd constitutes some protection for the houses around the bottom corner from the noise eminating from the park and as such I would like it to stay. I have made that clear to Mr H.

Readers of Richard Howell’s comments, below, may be interested in the following information.

1. Tree Felling Consultation.  Richard asks why “the chair and the 2 ecologists"  (referring to John Mayne, Simon Randolph and Jo Corke) did not consult.

  • We reported (item 5) at the meeting 7.12.11 that a survey was expected.
  • We posted (7.10.11) on this website our concerns to Russell Horsey, BCC chief arboriculturalist.   No-one commented.
  • We posted it on this website when the survey was done.  Again, no-one  commented.
  • Simon and I still had reservations, so Simon met (Feb 2012) with Russell and Mike Kiss, and they gave satisfactory answers to our questions.
  • We posted these on this website. No-one commented.
  • Simon posted FIVE photos on this website, January 27th 2012, of the cherry trees to be felled. No-one commented.
  • At the open Committee Meeting on 29th Feb, we presented the wildlife group report which included a summary of our meeting with Russell Horsey.  This had already been distributed to members of the wildlife group and will appear in the minutes of the meeting.

2. Richard says “FOSAP needs to be clear whether or not it is a group representing the local community and the park”.

All FoSAP meetings are open to everyone. The next meeting is the AGM on 17th April 2012 at which officers and convenors will present their annual reports. We hope you will come and decide for yourself whether we have represented you. You could even volunteer (we are all volunteers) to take a more active role in the Friends.

The Constitution states that all officers are elected each year.

Notice of the AGM will appear on this website soon, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Jo Corke wildlife group convenor


Council chainsaws came this morning to chop down the plum tree!

Despite the fact that on Friday the council's tree officers promised me that they would not chop down our lovely Plum tree on the corner of Leopold and Effingham Rd. Assurances were also given to Councillor Jon Rogers from the head of Parks.

It's strange that this change of heart was not communicated to the chainsaw gang who would have felled a tree in full beautiful bloom this morning.  And today it looks more glorious than ever.

 THIS MORNING THE CHAINSAW GANG were asking me to move my car in order to chop it down. If my car had not been in the way obstructing their work then the tree would have been removed today! This beggars belief after all the assurances we were given.

I suspect that the council's tree officers did not want egg on their face - having commissioned and paid for the felling of the trees with YOUR money, without bothering to do a proper consultation with the local park users.

Odd isnt it that the order to stop the felling somehow didn't get through to the guys with the chainsaws today. I wonder what happened?

Funny also that the council is so determined and so efficient at destroying trees which bring so much pleasure to local people - whilst we have been trying for over two years without success to get safe gates in the park - so that children arent mown down by traffic in Effingham Rd.

And we have been trying to get toilets that arent blocked - so we dont have people urinating all over the park and in our front gardens - but nothing has been done about this problem either. They remain blocked today.

Strange that real issues like this are ignored and delayed whilst the council's park officers are so keen to destroy the beautiful trees around us.

It might be an idea to prioritise a noticeboard for FoSAP in the park so that the public can be consulted more easily.  Neither a FoSAP meeting nor this website are likely to reach the majority of park users: a FoSAP noticeboard (or even a couple) would.

I agree and this has been discussed at committee meetings.  We hope to get such a community notice board put up by the cafe. This will require finding the money - probably around £3000.  It is hoped that we might have a notice board similar to the one on Gloucester Rd outside Tescos .  I have spoken to the sculptor and he has given me some costings.

Fi Hance 16.3.12 in her Redland  newsletter says:

St Andrews Park "You may have seen some coverage in the
local press regarding the proposed felling of three blossom trees
in the park. This stemmed from a survey undertaken by the
Parks Department just before Christmas when around
seventy different areas needing attention were identified.
All of the trees in question have some degree of fungal rot,
but in light of local representations the tree officer has
agreed a stay of execution for another five weeks
and we are trying to ascertain whether it may be possible
to hang on to them for a few more years."

Can I belatedly add my voice to protest against these trees being cut down? The have given me such pleasure over the years and despite the fungal growth they look healthy & I cannot understand why they should be felled?


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