My brother sadly died this week at only 24. He enjoyed many good times at the park in the summer with all of his friends. It would be really nice if a memorial bench could be put in the park for him. My dad is a carpenter and wants to make the bench. I don't know how to go about making this happen and thought this might be a could place to start?


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Hi Roxanne,

I do not know how this is arranged either.  However, I will email our the Bristol City Council liaison person, and ask him about it for you. I will get back to you when I have an answer,

Jo Corke


Hi Roxanne,


I have heard back from BCC.  If you would like to email me on   I will forward the emails to you.





I think the Council would insist on the Bench being like all the rest  perhaps with a dedication plate  " In Loving Memory of........" Sorry to hear you lost your Brother  at only 24 years of age....


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