What has the warm spring weather brought us over the last few days?

Not blossom and birdsong - but beer bottles, noise and urine. 

Loud music from amplifiers throbbing all afternoon and evening - the endless hiss of Nitrous oxide cylinders  - widespread drunken behaviour - people urinating all around the park opposite our houses - people illegally selling food, jewellery, alcohol and drugs  in the belief they are at a Glastonbury type event -  daily overflowing rubbish bins - hundreds of beer bottles and gas cylinders littering the grass.


I'm sure everyone living around the park is completely sick and tired of the endless mess, noise and anti-social behaviour. OK its great for people to enjoy the park and the sunshine  but few would disagree that things have got out of control and are heading for trouble. 

Our park has been deluged with people who dont care  about the rubbish and the noise. It has been transformed into a squalid mess.  OK - some or even most say they care - but look at the mess and come hear the noise for yourself. 



What chance in hell have they got of achieving Green Flag status for the park when they abandon it in such a blatant manner?   Why is no one taking any notice and bringing in regular police patrols and providing an adequate number of rubbish bins?     Why have they abandoned any rubbish collections at weekends - just when the rubbish is at its worst!

Meanwhile the park we have all done so much to try and improve over the last few years is turning into a place where young families with children are too  frightened to enter it.   Children feel threatened by the drunken, drugged older youths.  

When local children say they are scared of entering the park because of the drunken and drugged youths we should be worried. 



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Yes   "Local Youth"................you must realise that most of the Residents  passed through the

Sixties...............We have asked the Council to repair the Loos  All we are asking is that

all use them??   Is that too much to ask?...........................

FOSAP   is an institution  "Friends of St Andrews Park".............We are not "fuddy duddy's"

We are not Senile...........We are not Kill Joys..................We are Residents & live around

the Park which we love  & we ask you to respect the Park  & Us  as users of the most

beautiful Park in Bristol



I have updated the group with this years correspondence. Having moved from st andrews I have not used the space much this year, so was unaware of the meeting. Had I known I'd have attended and happily acted as a mediator between the younger park users and residents.


I don't have time immediately to voice my suggestions but wanted to remind fosap of the group, and that with a little communication we can work through these issues.




Spread the word!

Hi Doug,


I appreciate this and wasn't throwing any accusations of fuddy-duddery or senility around!

Just saying that some of us who hang out in that area do see your point of view and think people are being unreasonable, and will do what we can to try and rein things in a bit.

Excellent Local Youth!!.............the Police want to work with you & so do we.

We don't want to spoil happy times  we want people to respect the Park as a

beautiful place.............My daughter (25) joked  why don't you just put up a sign

saying  "DON'T ENJOY YOURSELVES"!!!.............but she was obviously joking.

They say if you remember the Sixties then you weren't there but I do remember

the Sixties...............Leopold Rd residents  are the ones who are suffering the most

So please pass the word around on the Facebook page & other media that we

are NOT a bunch of FUDS  or senile  just YET............If everyone goes to the Loo

a short walk away then that would be a start

Have a Nice Day Sir!


i love st andrews park i have parked my van on the streets next to it and camped out there many times and will do it many times more, it is a resource we should all be allowed to utilize however we see fit and it is a beautiful place for people to park in the city.  i love the people drinking and having a laugh there, there is a carnival atmosphere which is brilliant, but i also like lying around and reading my book or walking my dog and chatting to other dog owners.  I also like the fact my friends set up a bar on the saturday for a birthday party in the park! there is a picture of them at the top of this post. to say they were selling drinks is an absolute lie and i would love to know what evidence there is of this.  they bought the bar down for a cocktail party in the park and anybody who says they were selling drinks is lying. why would you lie about this? what agenda has this person got? would they like it if the park was gated of and only certain 'acceptable' types of people were allowed in?? i love the park and will continue to use it as i see fit.  On another note i hate people leaving litter and i urge anybody that sees groups of people leaving litter lying on the floor to embarrass these people into picking it up.  From know on if you see anybody leaving littre shout really loud and i'll join in!! also if you see randon busy bodies taking photos so they can post 'liabilous comments' on this or other websites then please shout at them.

Your all a bunch of miserable old farts! 

It's called ENJOYING LIFE or HAVING FUN....Any of you remember what that was like???


Fair enough about the loud music. But it's a park that PEOPLE go to when it's a nice day. The youth of bristol don't all plot to take over the park, people just go to enjoy the sun and the atmosphere as it's a nice place to chill. And it just happens that a lot of people choose to go at the same time.

You gonna start telling people they can't enjoy the park?

I don't like rubbish everywhere, but you can never stop people leaving their rubbish and that is what the park keeper or rubbish collectors are for.

Police do turn up and walk about and tell people to turn the music down. But why would they do any more then that? WE ARE PEOPLE ENJOYING OURSELVES. And I have NEVER experienced any rude or anti social behavior.


When people come together like that on a nice sunny days, Its a beautiful thing.


If you happen to find it intimidating by any chance, then you only got yourself to blame. There is no reason to feel that way. Stop watching the news and reading the news papers is my advice.




Mr fun, no-one objects to people enjoying themselves.  The park is a public place, and is open to everyone.


There are specific objections to specific types of behaviour, though, and these were discussed at the meeting last night.

These problems include over-loud music, which detracts from the enjoyment of other park users and nearby residents; people urinating - or worse - in the hedges and bushes; excessive litter; illegal activities of any sort - drug-taking or selling, or unlicensed alcohol sales.

You can plead all you like to allowed to do your thing, but when that includes the above list, it simply isn't on.  You say you have never experienced any anti-social behaviour: either you have never seen any of the above list, or you don't consider it to be anti-social.


Which is it?

huge amounts of litter and using the bushes as toilets is not on, but the rest is fine.


LISTEN : Drugs like crack cocaine and herioin are always bad. but most of the other common drugs, like acid and extacy, are good and a healthy addition to life as long as they are not abused. Most people are just blind to it and will think I am completely mad or some kind of low life for saying such a thing.


People keep to themselves from what i've seen. Its all in good spirits. If they are drinking and taking drugs but not disturbing anyone (unless smiling and laughing is a disturbance these days) then whats the problem??


It's sad that most people don't understand this, as they don't question their reality enough.

I don't even use the park that much, I am just trying to make a point.


YES i want everyone to enjoy the park. But its a shame youths get picked on and judged as a whole.


Have any of you gone and spoke to the guy cooking Dahl and rice for people?

He's a lovely guy providing nice food for everyone. You should try it and have a chat with him. 

It may open your minds a bit.


I hope this gets sorted so EVERYONE can enjoy the park, with out different party's making a huge sacrifice to enjoying the lovely park area.



mr fun,

you don't respond to the specific points I made: what do you think about people urinating and defecating in the hedges, and surrounding gardens?

Whatever your own attitude towards drugs, if they are illegal they are not acceptable - and will not be tolerated - in a public place, where our children should be safe from exposure to them.

You may not like it, but the Police will certainly be involved where lawbreaking is going on, and they will have the support of those of us who accept that society has rules for everyone.

i told you i think using the bushes as toilets is not on. Maybe if the toilets were more usable then people wouldn't do that.

I don't think urinating in bushes is wrong anyway. Unless your the sort of person that hides in bushes, then it doesn't make a difference to anyone.


You have a very small minded view on the drugs issue, which is sadly expected.


''if they are illegal they are not acceptable''

What does that really mean though?

If the police have a reason to come to the park and stop someone as they are being a disturbance because of drugs, then fine but apart from that it's none of your business.


the law isn't always right.

mr fun, there's no point carrying on this discussion.

You need to know, though, that the Police are members and have access to this forum.

I was about to say the same thing about not carrying on. Great minds think a like ay? Or maybe not in this occasion? : (


what does that matter?? Are you saying the police are going to arrest me for sharing my opinion. Just because it's not as a common opinion as yours, doesn't mean I can't express it. Your threat only shows the sad truth of how you look at this society and think it should be run.


Anyway, i'm bored of this. 


I think it's cute that you keep calling me 'mr fun'. would like a drink sometime? I won't tell the wife.


; )



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