What has the warm spring weather brought us over the last few days?

Not blossom and birdsong - but beer bottles, noise and urine. 

Loud music from amplifiers throbbing all afternoon and evening - the endless hiss of Nitrous oxide cylinders  - widespread drunken behaviour - people urinating all around the park opposite our houses - people illegally selling food, jewellery, alcohol and drugs  in the belief they are at a Glastonbury type event -  daily overflowing rubbish bins - hundreds of beer bottles and gas cylinders littering the grass.


I'm sure everyone living around the park is completely sick and tired of the endless mess, noise and anti-social behaviour. OK its great for people to enjoy the park and the sunshine  but few would disagree that things have got out of control and are heading for trouble. 

Our park has been deluged with people who dont care  about the rubbish and the noise. It has been transformed into a squalid mess.  OK - some or even most say they care - but look at the mess and come hear the noise for yourself. 



What chance in hell have they got of achieving Green Flag status for the park when they abandon it in such a blatant manner?   Why is no one taking any notice and bringing in regular police patrols and providing an adequate number of rubbish bins?     Why have they abandoned any rubbish collections at weekends - just when the rubbish is at its worst!

Meanwhile the park we have all done so much to try and improve over the last few years is turning into a place where young families with children are too  frightened to enter it.   Children feel threatened by the drunken, drugged older youths.  

When local children say they are scared of entering the park because of the drunken and drugged youths we should be worried. 



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John is absolutely right - if people can carry food into the park then why can't they take the much lighter litter home? Many of these people are students - presumably therefore supposed to be reasonably educated!


I get stopped by some of them occasionally asking where the park is - I make a point of sending them in the opposite direction.

Sorry I meant 'Richard is absolutely right'. 

Thanks for adding to the discussion.

There will be a meeting about the situation organised by the Police  at 7.00pm st St Barts Church on Weds April 13th  - the council will be coming too, both  officers and councillors - do come along and air your views.  

They need to know, in no uncertain terms how people feel and they should not be allowed to continue to do virtually nothing - about anti-social behaviour in the park - as they have been doing up until now.  


Thank you Martin


We will be there.



The bar you have referred to was not selling drinks or anything 'ells'! It was brought to the park to celebrate my friends birthday. We also had a chocolate fondu and bar snacks! When we had finished we cleared everything away every last bit of rubbish. I have not given you my permission to post a picture of me on this web site I would like it taken down immediately . I would also like an apology and a written retraction as falsely accusing me of this is slander. Admin please sort this out!!


Thanks for bringing this up, Martin.  I too have been horrified by the noise, smoke, rubbish, and the sight of young people of both genders urinating in the bushes and hedges.

We are fortunate to have such a delightful park in our neighbourhood - but one thing we must not do, and that is raise any objections on the grounds that people are coming to it from far afield. That is not a reasonable argument, and we will lose credibility - and waste opportunities to put our case - if we do.

The park is a public asset, and can be used by anyone.

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I'd like to apologise on behalf of "our" side of the park for the distress and nuisance caused by the levels of noise and rubbish.

Secondly, I think the problem is not that the park has been "dominated" by young people, it is a combination of the fact that some people are disrespectful of the space, and that there is not sufficient provision of bins to put the rubbish in. Some of us make the effort to clean up after others who do not pick up their litter, and if we raise awareness of the problems, more will do so.

St Andrews park is one of the few open spaces that young people have to freely associate with each other in an area with a large student presence. Young people living in the area often do not have gardens to enjoy the sunshine in, and we tend to live in small and cramped houses. I found this site due to my appreciation of the park and was sad to see that we were causing so many problems for local residents.

I unfortunately cannot attend the meeting tonight, and think it is fortuitous that at least one of us found it, a good friend of mine will be coming along tonight to, effectively, represent us. It is a shame that we only found out about the meeting at the last minute and could not take action beforehand.

I would suggest that some of us get together with the concerned residents in this thread and design and print some posters to put up on the bins to make others aware of the situation, we can also let the people with loud sound systems know that they are causing problems for others, and ask them to be turned down. We can all ask the council for more bins because they are clearly needed.

I feel this would be the sensible and appropriate way forward, it would be good as a community to work this one out amongst ourselves!

All I can say is if supposedly 'intelligent' young people have to be 'made aware' of the damage they're doing, gawd help us. 

Well done Bastian please spread the word about not Littering etc etc .....compromise is the way forward.

You must realise   the effect it has on those who live on Leopold Rd..............I do not.................

but I feel sorry for those who do.



So, my friend Brodie came along on my recommendation and by all accounts proposals, such as a poster campaign to let people who go to the leopold road area know that things are going too far, were well received.


Not sure how many of you were there but I'll come along with Brodie when you sit down together and we can work out how to resolve the situation, we'll do what we can to try and change some of the anti-social behaviour so that we can all enjoy the park without wasting council money or police time unnecessarily. We'll get something circulating online as well to let people know the situation.


Des - There's no need to become confrontational over this, some younger people won't respond to the changes, but others who realise that enjoying park in the way they like to is at stake will pick up the slack - we can work it out together as a community.


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