What has the warm spring weather brought us over the last few days?

Not blossom and birdsong - but beer bottles, noise and urine. 

Loud music from amplifiers throbbing all afternoon and evening - the endless hiss of Nitrous oxide cylinders  - widespread drunken behaviour - people urinating all around the park opposite our houses - people illegally selling food, jewellery, alcohol and drugs  in the belief they are at a Glastonbury type event -  daily overflowing rubbish bins - hundreds of beer bottles and gas cylinders littering the grass.


I'm sure everyone living around the park is completely sick and tired of the endless mess, noise and anti-social behaviour. OK its great for people to enjoy the park and the sunshine  but few would disagree that things have got out of control and are heading for trouble. 

Our park has been deluged with people who dont care  about the rubbish and the noise. It has been transformed into a squalid mess.  OK - some or even most say they care - but look at the mess and come hear the noise for yourself. 



What chance in hell have they got of achieving Green Flag status for the park when they abandon it in such a blatant manner?   Why is no one taking any notice and bringing in regular police patrols and providing an adequate number of rubbish bins?     Why have they abandoned any rubbish collections at weekends - just when the rubbish is at its worst!

Meanwhile the park we have all done so much to try and improve over the last few years is turning into a place where young families with children are too  frightened to enter it.   Children feel threatened by the drunken, drugged older youths.  

When local children say they are scared of entering the park because of the drunken and drugged youths we should be worried. 



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No they don't.
The Girls @ the Cafe do not sell Booze..........Full Stop

They serve a lovely cuppa though innit.

there is a guy who works there though he does have long hair!!

it is a lovely cup of tea, and everybody who works there is extremely loverly.

maybe we should ban picnic as there is a cafe so therefore nobody should ever bring there own food

Give it a rest, Des.  Your comments throughout this discussion have been puerile and provocative.
extremely puerile & also untrue


As many of you are aware i am the beat manager for BD174 (Redland) and St Andrews Park falls within this area.


Firstly i must apologise that i have not been around lately and that i was unable to attend the meeting.

As the beat manager for the area i would just like to make everyone aware what we have to work with and also all the hard work that has been put in by myself and my team over the recent years.


My team is myself and 1 PCSO. We cover a large area which includes RGS school, the bottom half of Gloucester Road and St Andrews Park and everything inbetween.

Redland Police station now only houses Beat managers and in total there is 1 inspector, 1 SGT, 3 Police officers and 3 PCSO's. To cover Cotham, Bishopston and Redland.


The response teams are now based at Bridewell. They cover the city center and what used to be the Redland district. As you can imagine their limited numbers get swollowed up very quickly by the city center on sunny weekends. Also beat managers are not allowed to work on Bank Holidays unless it is for a spefic operation (the force will not pay).


I have been a Police officer in the Redland area now for just under 10 years and have had the post of Redland beat manager for just under 3 years now. Therefore i have a good knowledge of the area and have always been aware that the park is a peaceful, quiet place throughout the year until the sun comes out.


Two years ago i started work on a no drinking zone to see the feasibility of this within the park and what is needed obtain this.

The first issue i had was many of the residents who lived around the park did not like the idea as they too like to have a social drink in the park, with a picnic on a sunny day.

The second issue and nail in the coffin was the crime/incident analysis the most recent park (at that time) to obtain a no drinking zone status was in the Southmead area. This park was having in the region of 100 calls to Police/incidents during a 3 month period. The stats showed that St Andrews Park had less than that in about 5 years.

The no drinking zone idea was not feasible.


Last year the main concern seemed to be the cannabis usage in the park. On the whole we managed to control if not eradicate it completly.

We spent a lot of time in the park plain clothes. Each time there was a problem we were there and more importantly it would continue to happen whilst we were there so we witnessed the event first hand.

We also attended incidents in plain clothes which enabled us to enter the park why the issue was still occurring (As we all know. When an officer is seen in uniform ASB usually stops. This is a problem when you enter the park possibly over a hundred meters away. Therefore losing out on vital eye witness evidence).

The main advantage of this was that regular users would not know if the Police were in the park. Therefore heightening the risk for persons taking part in illegal behaviour. In fact on many occasions we stopped people smoking what we thought were joints (they were actually just roll ups). When stopped the members of the public stated to us that it was too risky to take drugs in St Andrews Park as there are always plain clothes coppers hanging around. This had come from a friend of theirs.

We will continue to patrol the park in plain clothes and also in full uniform in an effort to stop any thing that is causing park users concern.

But could i please ask you all to keep ringing in on the 0845456700 number if there is cause for concern. With our limited numbers and vast area we cannot be in the park all the time and we find that it is when we are not there the problems start.

Also can you all keep this number 07766425350. This is my work mobile number please ring me as much as you like. If i do not answer it is because i am either not on duty or otherwise engaged on Police business.

This is not a replacement for the 08454567000 of 999.

As I am typing this there is another rave going on right now outside my house this evening. The usual bushes running with urine and loads of litter, drunkeness and dope smoking. Fearing this will go on late into the evening I have phoned the police to see what if anything they can do. They essentially said that if they were to do anything it might cause a public nuisance incident, so basically nothing then. Useless.

Like Martin, I am totally fed up with the way the park has become a hang out for inconsiderate young people and their anti-social behaviour. I have taken to wandering among them picking up the litter from under their noses.Neighbours tell me they have abandoned the fronts of their house from midday onwards, preferring the relative quiet of the back. Sadly for me I live on the corner so we get all the noise of people heading to Co-op to top up with more cheap booze.

To make things worse a friends 14 year old son was mugged in the park last night and his phone and bike demanded from him.

Travellers vans, barbecues, circus skills, balloons, don't get me started!

Perhaps we need it to get truly awful for something to be done about it...?

It sounds as if Kelvin needs some help  picking up litter & perhaps FOSAP should  provide a detail on Sunny days.

The fact that people should  pick up their own rubbish is neither here nor there if they don't.

Brodie  is going to get posters printed about this so perhaps that will help?

I sincerely hope so. Fi & Jon our Councillors will help I'm sure...........................

& also Stephen Williams our MP




we need to be issued with Judge Dredd kit.  Then we could just go in and incinerate the litter - and the litterers.  ;o)

7.30 Sunday morning, just been across to politely ask a group of drunken young people to move further up the park because their noise was waking up local residents. I think they come to the park to recover after a night out. They apologised and moved away no problem... even offered me a vodka and soda. I declined, I'm more of a whisky man myself.


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