I was wondering how people would feel about a table tennis table in the park?

There is a scheme through the Active Bristol fund where community groups can apply for funding for BCC to install table tennis tables - they have recently been introduced to various parks around the city.

I don't know if there is an appropriate location in St Andrews Park, but myself and several friends would really like to see a table tennis table somewhere in St Andrews/ Montpelier. It's a great all-ages sport/ social activity and I think would be very popular.

Not sure whether this should be listed as 'Playground' as it is an all-ages facility.

Do you have a meeting coming up that I could run this by?

The closing date for the application is November 20th.

Thanks, Matthew

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What a great idea!
Hi Matthew,

The time scale is short, so I suggest you look at the Bristol City Council website and express an interest in having table tennis in the park.

There is a meeting of the Friends group on 2.12.09, ( this will be advertised on this website as an Event shortly) and you could come to the meeting and report on progress with your application.

Hello Matthew,

Table Tennis in the park sounds to me a very good idea and I hope that you can register an interest before the deadline.

John M.
I think that a table tennis table would be a great piece of equipment to have in the park; a great idea and a bit different - I would love to play!



I was wondering if there is any possibility of a table tennis table being included in the latest proposals for park improvements? I am aware that these have been developed already through local people's ideas, so maybe I have missed the boat?

Do I need to provide evidence that there is substantial interest in this facility?

There doesn't seem to be room on the online survey to add in new ideas?


Thanks, Matthew

Hi Matthew,

There is a committee meeting tonight (see Events above) which is open to everyone, so come along, if you can.

There has been  a good response in the past to the idea of a table tennis table; all it lacks is someone to take it on as a project.  So, as they say, "If you see a job that needs doing, it's yours."

The current list on the Priorities is the result of  earlier consultations. New suggestions are welcome for the next round.


Look forward to hearing from you,


Jo Secretary.





Thanks Jo

I only just picked up your message, so did not make the meeting this week. I will try to attend the next one.


Hi Matthew,

Your suggestion of a table tennis table for the park is not a new one!  Someone put forward the idea of a table as a possible piece of equipment for the park a year or so ago at a meeting of FOSAP.  I was asked to look into what outdoor permanent equipment like this was available and the cost of buying and installing it.  I cannot remember the cost now, but it was, I think at least £1000, possibly quite a bit more.  When I reported back with this information, it was decided that this was a prohibitive cost as far as FOSAP finances were concerned, and the idea was dropped.  There will be minutes of this meeting with details of costs etc. but I haven't kept these!  John Mayne should be able to find them in his files.

If you think a grant or finance can be found elsewhere for this, then I think there would be general support for it.  But I vaguely remember that there was also discussion about where such a table might go if one could be afforded. On the flat area above the playground was one suggestion, which I don't think was generally agreed on.


I saw this table last weekend in Clissold Park Hackney, looked great, clearly a great attraction - it would be a wonderful addition to our park. bw martin weitz

As you can see from this Blog, the idea for a Table Tennis table was mooted in 2009. 2012 and success is just around the corner.

We have been contacted by Nicola Ferris, the BCC Sports Development Officer, to confirm that our park has been awarded a new concrete ping pong table, to be located at the top of the play area on the soft matting.  We do not have an installation date but  it could be around mid-June.  The official “Ping” month is during July.

Here's the one in the Bear-pit, Bristol.

Start practising.....


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