Can I suggest that all 65 Members of Friends of St Andrews Park

donate to the Wellington Bomber Appeal to get the ball rolling.....

& how do we go about this?....Perhaps a link should be generated

to allow us to pay through www.


Doug Reid

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I've left a message for the appropriate person (David Cemlyn) about this. Did you hear that I'm going to be interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol on monday the 9th March. And have you seen my website -
Yes.....I shall try to find Radio Bristol on my car radio & tune own view is that there would be many
people including myself that would be prepared to contribute , in St Andrews, to a Welsh slate memorial
engraved with a Wellington Bomber & the names of the Crew.....including of course your Grandfather who so tragically lost his Life other sources such as the Bristol Evening Post & the RAF themselves may also wish
to contribute, Heritage may also be approached...........My own Father served in the RAF during World War II
as Radio Ops on an RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch speeding through the water at 33 knots to pick up stricken
Airmen & Sailors from Alexandria in Egypt all through the Med up the coast of Italy finally ending up in the
Island of Capri before "demob" by surname initial in 1946. Hence my wish that his compatriots should be
quite rightly Honoured in this way..................
I have seen your website & I can only say that the people of St Andrews are indebted to you for your meticulous Research . Miss Pugh who recently died , even she had told me that the Crew were Polish.
Polish Spitfire Pilots however were among the Best as is well documented.
& therefore we owe a great debt of gratitude to them & to all the English, Welsh & Scottish pilots too without
whose Bravery the Battle of Britain may have been lost leaving Britain open to Invasion & all the dire consequences that would have ensued.............
Your Grandfather lost his Life in that cause.......He may have been on a Training Flight, but he was Training
for Combat!.......& therefore His Bravery should be recognised!

All the Best,

Doug Reid, Civil Engineer.
Donations can be made by cheque to Friends of St. Andrews Park c./o treasurer John Mayne, 23 Windsor Road, St. Andrews Bristol BS6 5BW


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