Minutes from Wildlife Group meeting, 24.11.08
Des Bowring, Jo Corke, Marjo de best, John Mayne
Simon Randolph, Bart Wordsworth.

Apologies Judith Carpenter, Katherine Wale, Claire Herford.

The full minutes are attached as a WORD doc. Here are the items discussed
1. Management of the park hedge along Effingham Road. simon reported on a possibility of a change from amenity cut to wildlife cut

2. Three bodies, VOSCUR, Neighbourhood Partnerships and Area Green Spaces were discussed. Simon provided information on Voscur (attached), and Jo a short description of each of them and how they interrelate.. (attached)

There are funding and grant opportunities: if it seems prudent to register an interest with any of them, so that we can receive information concerning matters affecting the park, we need a volunteer contact from FOSAP.
Action: This item to go forward to the Dec 8th Meeting.

2. Wildflower Meadow.

Marjo chaired the session. She reported on the meeting with CH and we discussed the project proposals we received from him. She had already emailed the group with the proposals, and received some feedback for this meeting.
We think the work could be started in the spring, 2009.

The group, having discussed the agenda items in full, are minded to proceed with the project.
Action: Marjo will contact CH with our suggestions.

Jo will put the Wildflower Meadow as a topic on the website to engage the wider community of friends in these proposals.

3. Seating around the pond.
Action: Bart will take the seat project forward.

4, Birds.
Des is planning monthly bird walks in the park for anyone interested. The location of the new bird boxes will be mapped using Dave Cemlyn’s Guide, for the website.

5. A general Friends meeting is planned for 8.12.08. No details have yet been posted.

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