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Hi wildlifers,

Bristol Local Plan Review. Consultation February 2018

The Bristol Local Plan review contains proposals for the next twenty years.  One section which particularly interested us is 7.2.2 Pollinating insects (below).

 As a group we would like to respond positively with this statement.

Friends of St Andrews Park, Bristol, Wildlife group welcome this commitment in the Local Plan. We are active in doing what we can in St Andrews Park to increase the diversity of plants and animals. The main aim of our major project in creating a perennial wild flower meadow has been to provide a source of pollen and nectar to encourage and support local populations of pollinating insects.  We look forward to being part of the larger Local Plan to develop resources for pollinating insects and in so doing, improve Bristol's biodiversity.

 7.2.2 Pollinating insects

Bees and other pollinating species are vital to our biodiversity and food production. The Local Plan’s policies for nature conservation and habitats aim to maintain a healthy ecosystem and link the city’s wildlife networks with the wider area. Through the policies in the Local Plan, the council will secure plant species beneficial to pollinating insects as part of the required green infrastructure in

development proposals.

BCS9  Green infrastructure

DM19  Development and nature conservation

DM15  Green infrastructure provision

DM17  Development involving existing green infrastructure


Comments welcome, but if there are no adverse comments we will send it to BCC

 Of course, all of us can read the document and respond individually too, which we urge you to do,

 Jo and Simon.


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