PAGE 4 - List of Park pond plant species

St Andrews Park  Pond plants. The species which have been photographed in the park (and a photo put on the website) are indicated by a star (*).  To see a photo, put the common name of the species in the 'Search Friends of St Andrews Park' box, top right of the page. Then click on the small photo(s) that appears to see full size version.



Acorus calamus (Sweet Flag)*

Apium nodiflorum x repens (Fool’s Watercress hybrid)

Berula erecta (Lesser Water Parsnip)              

Caltha palustris (Marsh Marigold)*              

Ceratophyllum demersum (Rigid Hornwort      

Epilobium hirsutum (Great Willow Herb)*

Geum rivale (Water Avens)

Lythrum salicaria (Purple Loosestrife)*

Mentha aquatica (Water Mint)*

Menyanthes trifoliata (Bogbean)

Myosotis (Forgetmenot sp.)

Nymphaea (Water Lily)*

Oenanthe fistulosa (Tubular Water Dropwort)

Ranunculus flammula (Lesser Spearwort)*

Ranunculus lingua (Greater Spearwort)*

Rumex conglomeratus (Clustered Dock)

Veronica beccabunga (Brooklime)*



Carex pseudocyperus (Hop Sedge)

Carex pendula (Pendulous Sedge)

Cyperus alternifolius (?)

Iris pseudoacorus (Yellow Flag)*

Juncus effusis (Soft Rush)

Juncus ensifolius (?)

Juncus inflexus (Hard Rush)

Juncus x diffusus

Phalaris arundacea variegata (Reed Canary Grass)

Phragmites australis (Common Reed)

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