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Depot Fence has now been painted Olive Green

The Depot fence has been painted olive green & matches with the grass.

Miles Harris has been as good as his word & the Community Payback Team did it today

Another FOSAP success story.

Now we must keep it pristine & ensure that any Graffiti is painted out by the Park staff.

All the Best,


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Community Payback Team due to paint Fence round the Depot on Monday 19th July

The Fence will be painted Olive Green by the Community Payback Team on Monday 19th July.

Miles Harris on 9223719 has organised the Project in conjunction with FOSAP.

All the Best,


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Obscene Graffiti

Obscene Graffiti has now been removed from Benches & Miles Harris on 9223719 will ensure that the rest is removed soon. Please report any Graffiti that you see on this number.


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Graffiti Inspection

A full Inspection of the Park was done today. Obscene Graffiti & Lower grade Graffiti were noted & reported to

Miles Harris Tel No 9223719. He is Chris Hammond's subordinate & is very helpful as is Ann on the

switchboard. Please ring that number as soon as you spot any Graffiti or just contact me & I will deal with it.



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Graffiti has been reported

Graffiti on the Benches has now been reported using 9223719, The Parks Dept main switchboard.

Obscene Graffiti to be removed in 24 hrs & the rest on the 4 benches where adolescents congregate in the Afternoon

to be given a lower priority.


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Council Telephone Numbers to Ring in case of Graffitii


Telephone Numbers to ring in case of Graffiti in the Park are Customer Services 9222000

& also Parks 9223719

This will get the ball rolling & we can keep the Park Graffiti Free!!!

All the Best,

Doug (Reid)

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Area Green Space Plan - St Andrews Park

Did anyone go to the Area Green Space Plan Meeting at the County Ground?

& if so what was proposed by Richard Fletcher & the Council?


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Josephine Shepard

Could we please have all posts by this "Josephine Shepard" removed as soon as possible



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Simon Randolph

I would like to thank Simon Randolph for his magnificent photographs in the Photos section.

His attention to detail is marvellous & his knowledge of the Flora & Fauna but more than that some of his

general views of the Park are breathtaking having been taken at all times of the Year.


Doug Reid

Added by Doug Reid on May 9, 2009 at 18:24 — 1 Comment

Mission Accomplished!!

I have now completed the painting of the legs in Black & the varnishing, 2 coats of Mahogany Dacrylate Varnish

to all 33 benches in the Park!! The Council provided all the materials, Paint, Varnish, surgical gloves, brushes &

sandpaper. Sarah Mc Murchie is going to do the last one with her Grandchildren this weekend as she wanted to

"adopt a Bench". It's been a hard slog but it was done with "Friends of St Andrews Park" in mind &… Continue

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