My fun on the 20 April continued; after the Easter Egg Hunt, I come across a family trying to sort out a doggie’s blue soft toy problem.  Unfortunately, when blue soft toy was thrown for doggie to chase and catch; the soft toy got caught high up in tree- Whoops a daisy.  Family look up at it; what can they do? Dad has a go at trying to shake it out of tree, no luck. He finds a branch perhaps he can knock soft blue toy out of tree; no luck as Dad is too low. So,little child is hosted on to Dad’s shoulders, holds branch to try and knock toy down to ground, no luck, still too low. Next solution is family teenager clambers onto Dad’s shoulders. Dad staggers to stand up and teenager reaches up into tree with the branch; yippee success, manages to hit the spot where toy has been stuck; soft toy drops to the ground as does teenager’s white hat! Dad then gently bows down; so teenager can get off his shoulders. What a relief!  A very happy family with a happy doggie that has at last got his blue toy back!

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